Thank goodness Grimm is back!  It’s not to say I didn’t like the Olympics – I didn’t watch the Olympics.  So, um, yeah, GRIMM IS BACK!

Okay.  I’m excited.  This episode was great in so many ways, Juliette and Nick teaming up, Rosalee’s self-sacrificing and oh-so-honest talk with Monroe – why can’t more couples talk so openly?  Nick and Monroe’s friendship hits a bump in the road and they quickly resolve to get past it – oh, Supernatural, why can’t you write bumps like this instead of the sinkholes you write for the brothers?  In the end, there is an awkward family/friend dinner and Nick has a laugh-out-loud moment akin to dad driving the car with rambunctious children in the backseat:  “If I have to come back there…”  At the end we’re left with the satisfaction of a foe vanquished but the realization that all that occurred was merely a harbinger of things to come:  Adalind’s baby’s birth is now…cue the music – oh, wait, Grimm’s powers that be already did that.

Thankfully “Revelation” picked right up where it left off five weeks ago:  Nick and Monroe’s parents about to do battle.  Monroe does his best to calm the situation but his parents aren’t hearing any of his explanations, thus Nick gets a good right cross in before the situation is quelled.  I grinned as Nick told Monroe’s father that he so did not want to hit him.  From there we got to the point where father, son, and Grimm fought off the enemy and then managed to sit together for a meal – an uncomfortable meal to be sure, but a meal nonetheless.  There’s a lot of work to be done before Monroe’s parents are even slightly comfortable with this situation with Nick, and then there’s Rosalee. 


Rosalee once again shines here.  She is understandably upset at Monroe’s parents’ reaction but she also has a deeper concern:  what this will do to Monroe and his relationship with his parents.  She knows all too well the pain of familial discord, and is genuinely concerned at the destruction Monroe is seemingly willing to embrace.  Her talk with Monroe on this subject allows both of them to shine and prove their love to the other:  Rosalee by her willingness to sacrifice her relationship with Monroe so he doesn’t lose his family, and Monroe in his willingness to sacrifice his relationship with his parents so he doesn’t lose Rosalee.  These two are awesome!  Thankfully, Monroe decides to give his parents one last chance, albeit in the guise of an ultimatum.  I don’t know if he was banking on his mother’s love to come through – I think he wasn’t – but fortunately mom decided that she wasn’t going to give up on her son. 

I like Alice’s and Rosalee’s scene in the spice shop, even as I didn’t understand the whole wesen-sniffs-wesen moment.  But hey, I’m not wesen.  Was that what they were trying, or was it the dinner at the end?  Either way, thankfully mom wasn’t giving up on her son.  Bart was struggling with his whole life view and I think when Alice confronted him with her defection in search of her son, he decided that he wasn’t going to give up on Alice.  That gave him some much needed insight as he watched Nick and Monroe strategize and then go into battle.  Sometimes men just need to be men, and Bart seeing his son in mortal danger – and fighting side by side with a Grimm, did much to turn him slightly around.  Clearly they are not done yet, and hopefully Grimm will continue to explore this dynamic.  I’d love to see Rosalee’s family meet Monroe’s – and Nick.  All this episode needed was for the ever delightful Bud to make an appearance, preferably with his wife bringing a basket of goodies for Nick and Juliette!

I wonder what the whole wesen council would think of all this?  Clearly they are watching ‘this Grimm in Portland.’

Grimm did a decent job of balancing all of the various storylines, well, really only three:  family discord, case of the week, and Adalind.  Finally Adalind’s story has some movement.  It has dragged on far too long and has been mostly icky, frequently boring, and now, finally, urgent and interesting.  No doubt this storyline will find itself back in Portland with Adalind seeking revenge on Nick (I don’t quite see her becoming an ally anytime soon, and that’s good news) but how will that affect the whole Nick/Renard dynamic?  As for the monster story, well, since it consumed much of the first part of this two-parter, we didn’t learn a whole lot here except the usual research into the beast and then the final vanquishing moment, which was very good.


Since Nick dropped three bodies outside his trailer, will he be moving it?  Unfortunately, I don’t think so – which is a shame because a simple line and then a new location would be really simple to do and would go a long way in tightening up some things, but Grimm is light and frothy, and I don’t truly expect that level of detail.  (And I will so gladly eat my words if they actually do, in fact, address this.)  I did like Monroe opening Nick’s arsenal and noting the rifle he used to kill the Ogre and then the two of them opting to use the quarry where Monroe killed the Ogre as their battlefield of choice.  That is good attention to detail.

It’s interesting to see all the many factions coming together, we’ve had Nick protect his wesen friends from his mom (soon to return, but gone far, far, far too long) and we’ve seen his wesen friends protect him.  We’ve seen Blutbad protecting Fuschbaus and a Royal protect a Grimm, and a Grimm even somewhat trust a Royal.  Me thinks Adalind’s return, with super powerful part Royal baby – and herself newly reunited with her hexenbiest powers, will spell bad news for Nick (and good news for this viewer).  Hank and Juliette, as the two completely civilian participants in this mélange of friends, allies, and jury-is-still-out, should have a front row seat to some interesting times ahead.

Hank did not have a lot to do here, unfortunate but necessary, and Wu got a couple scenes to do his usual snark and dry commentary.  Fortunately, we have some Wu moments to come sooner rather than later. 

Grimm is back, Fridays are fun again, and we have nine more episodes before this season closes – and most of those nine will be without a break. 

Until next week, thanks for reading.  Elle2

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