No Root and no Elias doesn’t mean boring Person of Interest.  Instead we get several new threads opened:  Is Carter’s new partner a mole for HR?  What next with Quinn and HR?  Just who is this secret new group that Collier alluded to?  We also see Shaw integrating a bit more with the team, and PoI continues to pay homage to Season 1 as Shaw mimics Reese from Ghosts and finds herself surprised as Reese was shadowing her, something she clearly was not aware of, and Finch showed he hasn’t lost his ability to make himself scarce.  However, at the end of the episode, after they had finished their latest case, instead of disappearing, Shaw stayed for the wrap up and appeared genuinely concerned over the development of a new enemy on the board.  Speaking of the board, PoI keeps it crowded:  HR, Elias, Root, Decima, Control, and now this new player. 

The writers also keep us guessing, victim or perpetrator or perhaps both?  Similar to events from previous seasons, things are not always as they seem.  Earlier episodes had someone behind the scenes pulling strings:  Witness, Root Cause, Blue Code, Risk, Matsya Nyaya, Firewall, Bury the Lede and Critical.  Those episodes showcased masterminds such as Elias, Root, HR, Control, and Alistair Wesley in recurring, and hopefully recurring, roles. Nothing to Hide has introduced a new one, Collier, the face of whatever new and dangerous organization that will most certainly not be a fan of the Machine.  An elaborate plan indeed, Ms. Shaw.

This episode kept the adrenaline high as Krueger’s life was slowly and methodically destroyed. The altered video was an ominous harbinger of things to come as after that his accounts were frozen, clients terminated agreements, elevators plummeted and his car was hacked sending him careening through the streets and into another of PoI’s signature car crashes.  I wonder if the writers discuss the type of car crash they’d like to see in their episode or if they simply write into the script:  “car crash here,” and then the stunt coordinators and directors take over and design the sequence.  Either way, PoI delivers some fantastic crashes.  Pure eye candy.

I alternated between rooting for Kruger to be saved and rooting for Reese to go home early and take Bear for a walk.  I found myself agreeing with Shaw much of the time.  However, Finch’s ‘takedown’ of Shaw when she questioned whether they should even save the guy, was great.  Shaw:  “I got to ask though, is this guy even worth our time?”  Finch:  “You know, that’s not even a question we entertained when we saved you, Ms. Shaw.”  It struck a note with her.  Slowly but surely her armor is cracking.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe it will be a long time before she really loses her rough edge, but it’s nice to see her human and not purely on automatic all the time.

Finch showing his superior skills to Krueger as he hacks his building’s security and then the company director was enjoyable; watching Krueger hit Finch over the head was another black mark for Bear – sorry, Bear.  You did redeem yourself by doing damage as the man left.  Bear’s tweets were quite funny during this scene:  “You take your eye off the crazy information seller to eat a cookie and BAM.  Should never let him inside.”  And then this one:  “Bespectacled man, wake up.  I made epic battle.  Many furnishing were lost.” 
I wondered at how Collier could make his moves without the Machine picking up on it.  Well, like Root and Elias and others, he had proxies to do his dirty work for him.  Also, Collier showed himself to be attached to a very sophisticated organization that will likely prove to be very dangerous.  I like that Finch and company have serious enemies that will give them a run for their money.  PoI keeps up their structure of closed-ended episodes that often have them saving their number, although not always.  However, what keeps it interesting in the long-run is that they also go head to head with agencies that are much darker and more sinister and that are not easily overcome.

There were a lot of parallels in this episode.  I discussed the Reese/Shaw one at the beginning.  There was also the parallel of Life Trace versus the Machine as well as Carl’s vendetta against Krueger, which was actually all puppet mastery by the new villain who appeared in out of the dark only to disappear again.  Never fear, there is no doubt he’ll be seen and heard from again.  It’s also interesting to observe the contrasts, such as Shaw’s willingness to eat and drink while working compared to Reese’s stance of not eating while out in the field.  Shaw is so much closer to Stanton at this point.

I like how they are integrating Carter, now demoted, into their case of the week.  She made a great interrogator of Karen Mills.  I loved that line at the end of that scene:  “Good.  ‘Cause the NYPD will know.  Trust me.”  Oh, yes, yes, they will.  Well, parts of the NYPD will know.

Fusco remained in the background this week.  He ran errands for Finch and ran errands for Carter.  Next week it appears as though he gets into a bit more of the game.  Fusco with the ladies — a winner!

Final thoughts:

“This wasn’t a game, Mr. Krueger, this was a lesson – the first.  We were just going to scare you, but that wouldn’t change anything, would it.”

Finch is right: whatever is going on, it’s only the beginning.
Don’t forget that Person of Interest is now available on  I’m sure computer hits on the full episodes matter to CBS.  (In fact, I watched the episode again that way while I wrote this.)  Also, full episodes are available on OnDemand (HOORAY!) and Amazon has the episodes available the next day as well. 
Until next week…Thanks for reading, Elle2

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