“The Crossing” was the middle episode of a three-episode arc.  As such, it follows a fairly predictable pattern – I didn’t say what occurred was predictable, although from a storytelling perspective:  to impact all the remaining characters in a meaningful way, Carter was the logical choice.  If you think back on the classic example of a trilogy, Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi, you’ll see the pattern. 

“The Crossing” followed the middle episode outline thoroughly.  While the action wasn’t as epic as gun battles in a judge’s house or the explosions that are previewed for next week, this episode served to bridge Carter’s mission to bring HR down, with Reese and Co.’s likely final blow to HR in The Devil’s Share that will also challenge our assumptions and send our characters on new journeys, and not likely in the same manner as they were before.  Along the way, we were treated with some excellent character moments.

This episode rocked!  I have a lot to say about it, so I’ll try to organize me thoughts – perhaps even coherently, not bet on it though.
As someone who is not a fan of ‘ships’ in shows, I will say that this ‘ship’ was handled well – not brilliantly, for the kiss in the morgue seemed a bit forced, and we all know that it was the job courtesy of Finch that saved Reese, and while Reese had great respect for Carter, romantic feelings were never part of that.  But, I’ll let it pass because by killing Carter, they’ve ended the ‘ship’ permanently.  Reese will mourn and grieve and go rogue, and that makes for good episodes in my book.  Also, I think Nolan and Plageman felt obliged to give the Carter-Reese fans a little glimpse – and then tear their hearts out brutally.  They’re cruel like that. Still, it was much better than the Tiva fans got from NCIS this season; although I’m very glad that ship has permanently sailed.  (Feel free to groan, I wasn’t even trying to be subtle.)   

Admittedly, I stayed up late last night and read a slew of comments.  SpoilerTV had 45 comments within an hour of the airing; I think that might be a record for PoI on that site.  Other sites were flourishing as well.  I read far too many of them.  A lot of them not only felt the kiss in the morgue was forced, as I did, but many of them took exception to Reese saying, in essence, that Carter saved him.  I thought on this overnight, letting it simmer in my brain, and have a slightly different perspective as I write this.  See, the series has made it clear that Reese is forever in Finch’s debt for finding him and giving him a purpose.  However, from the outset Reese has been somewhat fascinated with Carter.  Get Carter showed Reese’s protectiveness, and in Legacy he told her he ‘chose’ her because her moral compass was pointed in the right direction.  He also worked very hard to change his aim once working with her, more kneecaps, less outright killing.

In short, while Finch saved Reese’s very life, it was Carter who saved his soul – in Hollywood parlance – by reminding him of his code as a military man.  Her military background was common ground for them; through her, he rediscovered that part of him that first made him excel in the military.  Thus, the sharing of their scars in the morgue opened Reese up to being vulnerable to Carter and telling her that she saved him.  In a way, she – like Finch – did.

I mentioned in last week’s review that I felt if very possible that Carter’s journey was at an end.  Sadly, it is.  I feel for those who are so upset that they’ve hit the comment or reply button on many sites and said they’re done with the show.  I truly don’t think anything could make me say that short of them killing off Reese, but, not being in their position, I truthfully don’t know what I would do.  However, as much as it hurts to lose Carter, it makes absolute sense.

I’m an Arrow fan.  After last season’s ending, and Tommy’s sorrowful death, I read an interview by the producers.  They stated that they didn’t approach the death of this character lightly.  Rather, they looked at all their characters and decided on the one character whose death would have an effect on everyone.  They chose well. 

To me, this is what PoI did.  They looked at their much smaller cast of characters and found the one who would catapult all the remaining roles into new directions.  I’m postulating here a bit, but I think these are plausible:  Root, we know from the previews, is set free.  This opens up the storyline of what the Machine wants with her, and will likely lead to what her motivations are – besides having an intimate connection with “her.”  Finch will be challenged by the thoughts that perhaps Carter’s death could have been avoided if the Machine had been accessed by Root.  He will suffer for that, as well as suffer the loss of his friend and his concerns over an off-the-rails Reese.

Fusco will be devastated by the knowledge that the very corrupt group of cops he was once a part of killed his partner – the partner he found respect and loyalty in, as well as forgiveness.  Fusco will likely think it wrong that he’s alive and she’s not.  He was a part of the corruption; she sought to end it.  Whether he blames Reese for not protecting her remains to be seen; more likely he will work hard not to see Reese die remembering that it was Reese back in Get Carter who told him:  If any harm comes to her, I’m coming for you next.

Shaw, well, I can see her walking the line of willing accomplice in mayhem and then voice of reason at the appropriate moments to a vengeful Reese – plus she has medical training!  Put that to use, Ms. Shaw, Reese was shot three times tonight, he needs some medical assistance!  Bloody Reese is good on my television as well.  Shaw has some affection for Fusco, much to her chagrin, and she will recognize Reese’s pain over the loss of Carter.  She will try to comfort.  May I suggest a new grenade launcher, Ms. Shaw?

Reese, well, we see a bloody Reese, a haggard Reese, as well as a cold as ice Reese in next week’s previews.  He’ll be turned upside down.  Simmons was gunning for Reese, but it was Joss who paid the price.  Taylor will grow up without his mother; Reese will carry that grief as well.  It’s not exactly the same as Jessica, but it is awfully close:  someone he loved (be it romantic or friendship doesn’t matter at this point) died, and there was nothing he could do to stop it.  Joss was right to start to tell John not to let this…  We know what she meant.  I’m hoping he does let it unhinge him for a bit.  Again, good television!

As much as I hate to lose any of our characters, this move needed to be made to keep the characters, and all of us, from getting too comfortable.  This is a show that likes to twist and turn and keep us unsettled.  I applaud Johan Nolan and Greg Plageman for being true to their word.  They’ve said from the beginning that no one is safe.  They also said that they like to keep the characters and the audience off balance.  They lull us into these safe harbors, and then strike with a rogue wave.  They had promised the price would be high in taking down HR; they delivered.  It was brave.

As this is getting long, I’ll summarize some random notes:
Kevin Chapman – words fail.  You, sir, rock!  From aiding from the shadows at the roadblock to steadfastly refusing to break for HR – until Lee was in mortal danger – to rescuing himself at the final moment by breaking his thumb, I was mesmerized. 

Shaw, your choice of saving Lee, and then apologizing to Lionel that you couldn’t save him too: well done.  Her scene with Fusco at the end was a mix of her reassuring herself that he was, in fact, safe as well as the two of them bonding.  It was sweet and gentle, and the juxtaposition to what happened next was/is brutal.

Finch, a taser?  Root is rubbing off on you.  Also, perhaps the knowledge of the Machine isn’t as hidden as you think.  Reasonable people, especially those with a keen sense of detecting, will figure it out.  It’s not as safe as you think.

Elias’s non-appearance appearance:  Elias and Co. and sitting this one out.  Respect!

So much else to discuss, but I’ll leave that for you in the comment section, as well as next week.  We’re not quite done with Quinn and/or Simmons, so there will be another chance to discuss these evil characters.  However, I love the line in next week’s episode where Quinn realizes that Reese is an unstoppable force.

Until next week, thanks for reading.  Elle2

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