The title could imply that I’m not happy with all the attention that’s been focused on Davina for the two most recent episodes, “The Casket Girls” and “Apres Moi, Le Deluge,” but that’s farthest from the truth. I adore the unstable/powerful/ emotional/sometimes sweet yet vengeful teen. After all, who else could sock it to Klaus, Marcel, and Elijah so easily in the proverbial nads? Those guys needed a comeuppance and they were bested by a girl.  

The end of the Harvest was an inevitability though, and we all held out hope that with a bit of grand scheming and collusion, Davina would triumph, not only sparing her own life but bringing back to life her fallen teen witches as well. Sadly the end for them all was tragic, assuming this is indeed the end. Given the surprising twist, who knows where this is going. 

Due to some personal travel over the holiday weekend, I was forced into a little binge viewing for this two story arc. These two episodes, “The Casket Girls” and “Apres Moi, Le Deluge” really should be enjoyed together, so they shall be reviewed together.  They are truly part one and two of the climax of Davina’s storyline and what an amazing story unfolded in just a mere two hours.  

The Casket Girls

In following with the theme of each story being kicked off from the view of an original, Rebekah takes inspiration for her tale from the annual Casket Girls fete, celebrating the legend of French women being brought to New Orleans to marry yet not getting what they were promised (often tragically).  She makes her power play against her dominating, oppressive brothers plus one in the form of good buddy Marcel. As shown in the prior episode, Davina has jumped ship to Cami’s place. Klaus ain’t happy and sends out the forces to look for her, so Rebekah schemes behind his back to use this witch to her advantage. After all, girls have got to stick together. 

This episode played out a lot more like Survivor, with everyone forming their camps and drawing their lines against one another. Aside from Rebekah, Davina is on a rampage, helping free Cami of her compulsion and seeking the aid of her and Josh to plot her revenge. She’s been lied to by everyone, so, there’s no sparing anyone outside of her two now bff cohorts. Klaus perceives her behavior as a threat, and Elijah knows it, so if they don’t find the girl soon, Klaus will do something drastic and stupid to make a point. He does, but luckily Marcel listened to Elijah this time, not Klaus. Cami remembered everything and found out her uncle Father Kieran knew how her brother died. Hayley went through Elijah’s journals to find out info about where Celeste DuBois is buried for Sophie, all because Sophie promised to lift the curse on her werewolf family. Sophie wants to dig up Celeste’s bones and absorb her magic so she can become an elder and complete The Harvest. 


Everything twists on everyone, and in the end they’re all kind of screwed. Except Cami, I want her cajones. She went off on her uncle for lying, and then threatened Klaus later because she’s pissed and no longer in the dark.  Davina physically rips up Klaus, Elijah, and Marcel, but not before Klaus captured her boytoy Tim and compelled Tim to drink poison water and give Davina some too. Just as they both die, Marcel tells Klaus that thanks to Elijah’s warning of what he will do, he had a backup plan and had Sabine put a protection spell on Davina in case Klaus tried anything. Sadly, that didn’t do much for Tim, which convinced Davina to side with Rebekah and help her take team Klaus down after weeping over a dead guy that hardly knew she existed (she admired him from afar!).  Josh hilariously moved to Turkey without ever leaving New Orleans (I love him show, PLEASE, PLEASE never kill him), and it all ends with a chilling prophecy, Davina’s drawings actually meant something. The stunned faces of Hayley and Elijah says it all as Sophie digs up the remains, Celeste DuBois is coming back and she’s bringing darkness to New Orleans. 

Apres Moi, Le Deluge

Celeste DuBois comes back and brings darkness to New Orleans. Oh, you want more than that? Okay, how about DAVINA DIES!!!! 

The title itself hints something horrible would happen, as did Elijah’s opening narrative about witches.  “Apres Moi, Le Deluge” is french phrase said about someone who doesn’t care about the consequences of their actions. Sure than can easily apply to most everyone on this show, but it was obviously meant for someone darker. Davina is on a rampage and it’s not pretty. She’s throwing things, beating up Marcel who’s trying to make amends while the family Mikaelson listens downstairs. I especially loved the backhanded exchange between Klaus and Elijah. Older brothers have a way of throwing the mistakes of their younger siblings in their face, don’t they? When Klaus challenges Elijah to just make a list of the mistakes he’s done, Elijah quips he needs about a month to get the full list together. Just a month?

It’s more than a teenage temper tantrum. Something is seriously wrong. Davina wasn’t meant to have all that power and the universe wants it back. Suddenly New Orleans is suffering from a nasty earthquake problem. The prophecy is pretty clear. That’s earth. Next is wind (air), rain (water), and then everything will just set on fire (spontaneous combustion?). So who’s going to convince Davina that she’s destroying New Orleans? Rebekah tries, but ultimately it’s Marcel. Of course he takes her away from the compound and into hiding first, vowing to save Davina once he convinces her he’s on her side.  That doesn’t sit well with the witches or the originals, but Davina and Marcel have a touching moment when she realizes he’s trying to protect her.  But Rebekah has Tierney on a leash and he knows Marcel’s hiding places.  


Sophie tries to get the power from Celeste’s bones, with Elijah’s approval, but surprise, someone has already extracted the magic. So this is where this show gets really super clever and remembers it’s history started on The Vampire Diaries.   Where do they get access to a powerful dead witch who hasn’t been consecrated? Why the Mikaelson’s just happen to have one in their basement. Yep, mama. It’s not just any witch, it’s the most powerful witch of all time. Given the fact the alternative is New Orleans burning to the ground and they lose the city they built, all of the originals agree to burying her on the grounds of the governor’s mansion, which belongs to Hayley, aka mother of the Mikaelson heir. In a touching ceremony in what is essentially a driving monsoon, Father Kieran gives the blessing and each of the Mikaelson siblings plus Hayley slice their hands, sealing the deal with their blood. Time to finish The Harvest! 

Sophie, hoping that the magic has passed onto her so she can complete the Harvest, gathers up the bodies of the three dead girls (including her niece). Fire breaks out on the grounds, just in time for Marcel to arrive with a very sick Davina, who’s ready to finish this now. She’s accepted it’s for the best.  Sophie slits her throat, she dies in Marcel’s arms, her power fades away and Sophie summons the powers that be for the resurrection. 

Nada. Nothing. Zippo. They all stand around to hear the crickets chirp. 

Sophie busts into tears, Marcel runs off in a tizzy and the Mikaelsons look kind of glum. The Harvest didn’t work, the magic is lost forever, and the four teens remain dead, including a newly blue Davina. It’s pretty damned grim. 

Klaus consoles a devastated Marcel back at the compound and aww, I’m feeling the brotherhood. These two are so much better when they’re not at odds. I also like Klaus better when he’s not being an ass. Elijah and Hayley almost kiss, but I guess that’s still not supposed to happen. Part of me is hoping it never does. There’s a chemistry thing missing. Rebekah and Klaus talk later, and Klaus is commending his little sister for her helpful action in finding Marcel and Davina. THEN…the lightbulb goes off in both their heads. Where did the magic go?

Hee, that’s when we find out in the episode ending “twist” (naturally!). Sabine performs a spell and suddenly three souls that were in the witches’ graveyard are risen from the dead. One I think is the elder that performed the Harvest earlier before Marcel killed her. They are greeted by a new all powerful Sabine, except her name isn’t Sabine. Yeah, you got it. Her name is Celeste. 

Thinky Thoughts

One thing that’s so great about this show is how easily you’re drawn toward the characters. They’re passionate, they feel, they care for one another despite their little outbursts of revenge and violence, and when you feel a death of one of their own, it matters. A problem with a show like The Vampire Diaries is there have been so many spectacular deaths, it’s gotten rather numbing anymore (I still haven’t forgiven them for killing Alaric!). For a show like The Originals, that is not the case. I’m truly mourning for Davina, and to see how much that devastated Marcel too tugged on my sympathy for him as a character. He’s not the bad guy that he was painted to be earlier in the pilot. He cares about those around them and treated Davina like she was his child, not just a girl under his care. 

Klaus comes along and surprises us too, which is always good to see after he’s done something disgraceful. We know he’s capable of such acts of sympathy and kindness, but those moments are very few and far between. Sure he and Marcel have their quarrels and power plays, but they truly have a deep kinship as well. It’s good to see and it plays into why these two are still loyal to one another. They have a long history and it means something. But Klaus even showed that softer side to Hayley in the church by helping her deliver canned goods to the displaced werewolves. His werewolf family. He’s chosen to embrace them rather than destroy. Chances are that wouldn’t happen if a child wasn’t involved, but it is happening.  Family, whether blood or otherwise does mean something to Klaus. 

Heck, I even felt horribly for poor Sophie, who hasn’t exactly been the most sympathetic character on this show.  To lose a young member of the family like that is a devastating thing no matter who it is.  I just hope that she gets determined to find a way before putting her niece at rest instead of going back to a liquor bottle.  

I have to admit though I was quite stricken by Elijah and Sabine at the cemetery when Sophie was prepping Celeste’s bones for rest.  Here it is over a hundred years later and he still deeply feels for Celeste.  He and Sabine had a moment of connection, and dammit I should have figured out why when it happened!  It all makes sense now.  But it’s clear she still feels for Elijah, and will her love for him be her weakness in her plan to raise the Dark Magic?  Maybe.  The possibilities are there.  Plus if it takes the attention away from him and Hayley, I’m all for it.   

Finally, kudos to Danielle Campbell for spitting up all that dirt (according to the producer’s preview, she had a mouthful of crushed oreos all day) and buckets of water. Just, uck.  I hope she didn’t do all that just to be kicked off the show.  Davina MUST come back.  She and Josh need to become a pair!  

I honestly haven’t been this impressed with a first year show since…okay since
Sleepy Hollow this season too (was that a season finale or what?).  It’s exciting to see where they’ve taken this spinoff and I do admit to loving it way more than the original right now.  I can’t wait to see what happens next week, and it isn’t looking pretty.  Bring on the new foe!


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