iZombie is back! Hooray!

I’ve gotten more than a few weird looks from people when I say I’ve found myself enjoying this show – probably less than when I said My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was alright. So why do I keep returning to this show? (besides the obvious cute girls)

Because more than most shows on television this is one that invites the viewer to think. Last season closed out with the mention of a “zombie nation” and I had some fun with calculating out the math needed for something like that to work. This season picks up almost immediately after the previous with the characters hearing about this new nation idea. Even more importantly, the characters discuss the idea like adults with each character coming at the issue from their own unique position. True nobody brought up the problem that I did (I was hoping Ravi might) but it was at least a fruitful talk. The problem wasn’t solved but everybody said their piece and resolved to learn from these events. When was the last time you saw actual maturity on TV? Or discussion without agreement?

So it seems Mr. Boss was shuffled off for the time being so we have the space to bring Blaine’s father back to the show. Given that we have a major corporate executive on the heroes’ side (for the moment) it seems logical to set up a corporate executive to be the antagonist against her.

Ravi gains an antagonist this season too, apparently. I’ll admit I was confused in the scene because for the longest time I thought she was the same person as the zombie nation prez. If they revealed that the two characters were sisters I would buy that.

I had hoped for awhile that Clive would maintain his humanity yet become aware of the masquerade. Now that he has, I find it worth the wait. He brings a real grounding and necessary perspective to the proceedings. His bit with the zombie kid may be a little hamfisted, but the actor pulls it off very well.

Not sure how I feel yet about the Ravi/Blaine/Peyton love triangle but that will depend on whether Blaine’s reform is going to be permanent or if he will ever revert.

Major continues his time as the cosmic chew toy of the series. Given the usual tropes, it’s probable that the zombie nation corporation will turn out to be a devil after all before the season’s end. Yet we see here Major being driven into the arms of that devil by a society unwilling to accept him – not because he’s a zombie, but because of a criminal charge. A fitting metaphor without being too overt.

I’m curious where things will go with the latest zombie hunter that is not Major. Will there be some nuance to the figure? After all, humans don’t handle predators well. Just because zombies can scavenge doesn’t necessarily make the instinctual defensive reflex go away.

This is shaping up to be an interesting season. Final Grade: A.

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