Eh, that was a pretty decent episode.

It was a bit disappointing that almost everything involving Liv on the daredevil brain was shown in the previews for the episode save the lawn darts bit. After the gag with the stapler I wanted to see a lot more stunts with a zombie. But better to leave the audience wanting more than overdoing the gag. I could see a story of Don E. taking on that stunt gig for fame and fortune.

Also, I noticed that while preparing the brain, the cap on the spice cup Liv used popped off as if it was a prank – as she prepared prankster brain. It really does seem like the food prep this time is tying into the victim themselves. Or at least it’s gotten obvious enough for even a dunder-head like me to notice. Or the show creators read these reviews and thought that was a good idea.

Several storylines were shuffled up this episode. The boss of FMG was in an explosion. My tv instincts say she and her #2 guy are probably still alive (or undead in this show’s case) but the show runners do like to trim up plot threads for exploring alternatives so there is a chance that death was legit. Offer counter bets in the comments, we’ll come up with some kind of prize later.

Blaine is back to being a zombie, again. I’ll admit I don’t expect much accuracy when it comes to medicine/science in media, but this show did raise my hopes with some greater-than-usual accuracy. So I’m a bit disappointed that they’re apparently allowing a see-saw of zombism right now as letting Blaine revert just feels like a cop out and wasting his previous arcs. Seems like he should be extra immune to zombism or changes into a new breed. You can’t just bounce back and forth between cured and infected. I also miss their “zombie sense” ability he and Major had after cure #1. I’d like to see that return so we could see Major having some use to FMG’s military.

Of course the interesting thing is that whatever Blaine’s dad (and now Blaine) was planning, it could end up proving right the rednecks of Seattle (still don’t believe those exist). Judging from the snippets of dialog we got and Blaine’s reference to unlimited growth it seems like they might be planning to take their brain-dealing world wide with infecting people. But then that won’t have unlimited growth as I pointed out back when the “zombie nation” idea was floated at the end of last season.

Also unless I missed it, we didn’t hear any more about that Case of the Week that was very suspicious. Hopefully that won’t be forgotten about. Nor Blaine’s effort to create the cure. Wait, what happened to that boss of Ravi’s that he slept with? Was she just there to drive a wedge between him and Peyton? I’ll admit it’s been chaotic personally so I could have missed that stuff, but this season is either leaving several plot threads dangling, or doing a very poor job of wrapping them up. However Rob Thomas has earned a lot of good will credit from me so I’m willing to wait and see where this goes. Still, I’ve got to give the episode a final grade of C-. Parts were great (like pranking Clive) but it didn’t gel on the whole or with the season overall. Yet. (and as always, a C- on iZombie’s scale is higher than other show’s averages)

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