This fourth episode of the fourth season touches on all things irrelevant, as far as the greater mythology goes; but that does not make “Brotherhood” irrelevant, not by a long shot.

I like that the show keeps a balance of case of the week, such as last week’s “Wingman,” which explores the characters as they adapt to their new day jobs and reflect on some parts of their past, and then gives us a case such as Brotherhood, which has little to do with stopping Samaritan, but everything to do with new overarching enemies rising, much like HR.  Next week, based on the promos, Samaritan has a role to play in whatever is going on, and things are going to get dicey with the cover identities of at least one of the team.  The show knows how to juggle several themes and storylines, resting some one week while moving forward on others, only to switch gears the next week.

With so many of the enemies gone from the first couple of seasons, and nature’s abhorrence of a vacuum, a new “rogues’ gallery” is being introduced, and Brotherhood (the gang) is hard at work making its mark.  John is absolutely a target – and a target with a known day job and location, and Shaw certainly put herself on their target list as well, although she remains far more in the shadows, for now.

I had my suspicions about Agent Lennox at the outset, for no good reason other than me being cynical — except, I did wonder how Agent Lennox knew that the girl’s squirt gun was filled with pepper spray.  Did she get information from the gang shooting about that, since the kids were there?  She did receive a call from the scene, so that is possible.

The reveal of Dominic was very well done.  I did not see that coming.  Mini/Dominic played his role of captured underling very well.  Shaw got taken in by Mini/Dominic, much like Reese did with Elias back in Witness.  Somehow I get the idea that Dominic will not end up being a frenemy of the team.

I really like Elias.  He’s definitely growing more powerful as he stated unequivocally that he could control the Armenians, but Dominic and the Brotherhood were a different matter.  I wonder if we’re going to get a war between Elias and the Brotherhood by mid-season; could be explosive – and deadly.  Elias and Harold’s exchanges were excellent as Harold, through his eyes, conveyed the deep intensity of his fear over how the world has “changed.”  It is a tricky business, Elias, playing a game without knowing all the pieces, but it makes for really good television on Tuesday nights at 10.

I hope Malcolm doesn’t get caught up in the Brotherhood, but should he be used as a pawn, it will likely be to draw John out and into the Brotherhood’s line of fire. 


Notes of Interest:

One of the rules of a puppy – and a Belgian Malinois, with its endless supply of energy in need of an outlet, is that anything on the floor belongs to the puppy.  Harold, you will need to keep those class papers higher or under something heavier.  Puppies have a way of making sure things end up on the floor, whether they began there or not.

John, you’re good with kids, sometimes.  Love the girls totally owning him for his pocket change (in a sense, they ‘shook him down’ for his lunch money.)

Poor Link, likely had no idea the very phone he was using when Shaw called, while he held John captive, was the very phone and network he paid for in Panopticon.  Nice touch, Denise The.

“Have you met my partner?”  “Nice to meet you.”  Fusco with the save again!

“We’re going to play a game of hide and seek.  Don’t worry.  I’m really good at this game.”

“You can’t make something right by doing something wrong.”

“Oh, I planted one on you, Fusco, hell, even John; haven’t been caught yet.”

“Excuse me, but I’ve been expecting this.”

“I huff and puff and burn your house down.”

John’s grin at the end seemed very much to be Jim Caviezel’s more than John’s.  Either way, it was a nice moment.

“They always underestimate you.”

“Only one rule; we all die in the end.”  Dominic and John have similar views on “the end.”  Both are dark and dismal.

This one was short this week, mostly because I’m so very late at completing it.  I will endeavor to do better moving forward.

Until next week, thanks for reading, Elle2.

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