Did you catch it?  Did you catch Dominic’s “point of origin?”  It was 2piR, when Finch discussed the critical importance of pi – that every possible number, combination, piece of information anyone could ever want to find was in that one simple, endless formula.  Dominic was in that classroom!  Oh, Person of Interest, you’ve done it again with your masterful layering of the characters.

Point of Origin not only gave us some origin for Dominic, but it also shows the ever tightening circles of several storylines.  The first, concerned Dani Silva.  She appears on the surface to be a young police recruit; however, it is obvious from the outset that she has skills and experience beyond her appearances.  As the story progresses we see the circle tighten as her handler is discovered, she herself is set up for his murder, and all the evidence that can clear her is stolen.  Whoever is onto her is closing in.

In the second of three storylines we see the bigger circle closing in on Elias, and it is Dominic tightening the loop.  He’s using his local henchmen to pull a Snowden on the NYPD, and Dominic shows us his tactical genius yet again.  Unlike Anton — remember the young punk from the Pilot? – who simply goes straight in with brute force, and no appreciation for just who he is going up against, Dominic uses finesse, even as his brutality is never far behind, and comes at the problem from the side.  He infiltrates the NYPD computer system via the academy’s system, the satellite system as it were, and downloads all of Elias’s information, his contacts, his known aliases, his activities…everything the NYPD has.  This allows Dominic to go for the kill, which is what we’re going next week:  the showdown!  (Hang on, friends; I think things are going to get very bumpy indeed.)

Along with Dominic’s sights being set on Elias, he also maintains his vision regarding John.  Dominic does not, however, let his emotions distract him; it’s Elias who is the obstacle, John would be collateral damage, because, as he stated:  there will always be cops.

The third storyline, Samaritan, is the largest of the three stories, but its circle is tightening as well as Samaritan has pieced enough information together through pixels and following patterns of movement to put Martine face to face with Sameen.  I think the least of Shaw’s supervisor’s headaches will be that she’s been five-finger discounting eyeliner.  The bill from all the blown glass and destroyed product after the gunfire erupts next week will be much more urgent.


If all that is not enough to keep you interested, PoI made an even smaller, tighter circle fit perfectly within this episode by bringing back John’s therapist and this time she went on a ‘ride-a-long’ of sorts, and got a whole lot more than she bargained for.  She brings out little bits from Reese, as he tells her there were no bullies in his school because he took care of them.  So matter of fact, Mr. Reese, as if you’re surprised anyone would even think there would be bullies around you – well, in fact, I don’t think there would be any.  They’d all simply grab their knee anticipating the bullet and hobble as fast as they could to safety.  I like Dr. Campbell’s appearances now and again, but I have to wonder (as my mind works this way) is she a very cleverly planted mole for, perhaps, Dominic?  Is she looking for a chink in John’s armor for Dominic to exploit?  I think if she was a plant for Samaritan there would be none of the subtly – John would be dead.  But I just wonder…

Then again, Zoe Morgan is MIA with Paige Turco so busy with The 100 and an occasional stint on NCIS:  New Orleans.  I haven’t caught her in either of those shows yet.  So, perhaps Dr. Campbell is to fill that role of a strong woman who can draw a bit out of Reese.  She’s no Zoe Morgan, to be sure, but I like the good doctor all for herself.

Point of Origin was another excellent installment of Person of Interest.  There was plenty of gunfire and action sequences to enjoy (and turn the volume down on) while also great moments of fun, especially with Bear out in action.  Go, Bear, go!  My two German Shepherds perk up every time Bear appears on the screen, and they were wide-eyed watching the dog go splash in the pool!  There were also quieter moments to ponder as Greer, who sits at the helm of perhaps the most sophisticated piece of machinery ever built, went back and used good old fashioned human intelligence to get what he wanted, and then we see Martine working back through an app on a hand-held computer which helps human beings find a relationship.  The blending of humans and technology continues, and the reality is, you can’t have one without the other, at least not in the world of PoI.

I have no idea what transpires next week, but I do know we have three weeks after that to ponder (and suffer) the consequences.  I’m hopeful Elias survives, but I won’t be surprised if he doesn’t. (Then again, PoI is rarely ‘evident’ about what is going to happen.) Elias and Dominic are so different in their approaches.  Dominic uses strategic, tactical moves to accomplish his goals, but he also uses brute force of the lowest kind, enslaving young kids to do his bidding and then casts them to the wolves when he’s through.  Elias controls things with equal strategic thinking, and, yes, his endeavors do enslave people, to drugs, to alcohol, to prostitution, but I don’t believe we see him using the young and the innocent and then casting them aside.  His men stay with him out of loyalty, Dominic’s stay out of fear.  It’s an important distinction.  Both men are heading up illegal enterprises, yet if push came to shove, I’d stay with Elias, because…The Devil You Know.

As always, thanks for reading, Elle2

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