This is the third year in a row that I’ve had the honor of talking to the cast and EP Jason Rothenberg at San Diego Comic Con.  This year, everyone was on the brink of going back to work on the set in Vancouver and very excited about what’s to come in season three.  

Our roundtable session started with the always upbeat Isaiah Washington (Jaha).  He’s always a character in front of us, and for two years in a row he was able to gloat to us how he was right about this show.  “Have I ever lied to you?” he tells us with delight, especially me, since this is the third year in a row I’ve been there to hear him say wonderful things about this show.  I was able to ask him about that shocking moment in the season two finale where his character Jaha threw one of his guys overboard to feed him to the sea monster.  Just how far off the deep end has his character gone?  He promises that Jaha goes farther in season three!  Isaiah also tells a great story about reading that part of the script on an airplane as it was taxiing on the runaway.  He let out a scream and startled everyone!  You can hear the whole story here.  

This is one of my favorite interviews from Comic Con this year.  

The next interview was really thrilling for me, because it was the first time I’ve gotten to meet Bob Morley (Bellamy).  This was his first appearance at Comic Con.  He had a few teasers to share about Bellamy in season three, but he didn’t know a whole lot.  They hadn’t started shooting yet.  I asked him about shooting that painful looking scene in season two where he’s hanging upside down wearing nothing but underwear.  He gives all the agonizing details about that!  There’s a really fun part at the end of this interview though where he switches from his Aussie accent into the American character of Bellamy.  It’s awesome!  

Eliza Taylor was our next interview.  She had the most amazing green jumpsuit on.  This interview is one of the shorter ones, so most of it was spent on talking about Clarke’s dark path for season three, including what she thinks will happen when she crosses paths with Lexa again (Jason Rothenberg confirmed in the panel that Lexa will be back).  She talked a bit about filming the scene where Clarke mericifully killed Finn and that emotional toll. 

Marie Avgeropoulos came next, and she had a lot to say about how Octavia’s big growth in season two and what it means in season three, especially in having a future with Lincoln.  

This is the first time I got to meet Lindsey Morgan, who was at Comic Con last year but I wasn’t able to interview her.  She teased about Raven’s role in season three, particularly dealing with a new romance especially when she isn’t quite over Finn. 

We couldn’t finish out a session without hearing from the man with the answers, Mr. Rothenberg himself.  Share all he could in four minutes.  What’s season three going to be like?  Epic, and very different from season two.  “The theme of the season is, What does it mean to be human?”  The AI story will play into that for sure.  He also said that everyone is experiencing some form of PTSD from their experiences in landing, none more than Clarke.  What to know more?  The interview is right here… (I managed to slip in a quick question at the end about the number of episodes for the season). 

Just when we thought we were done, Ricky Whittle (Lincoln), the one person we didn’t get to talk to, graciously offered to answer one question for us.  This is the second shortest interview I ever have had (the record for the shortest falling to Supernatural’s Misha Collins at 30 seconds about three or four years ago).  But if you want to know what’s up with Lincoln in season three, here’s your answer!  

So what do you think about what’s to come in season three?  Were the teasers shared in these interviews enough to get you excited about what’s to come?  

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