Sadly, my first technical mishap of the day happened half way during the Candice Patton interview, which was the last interview of the session with the cast and producers of The Flash.  She was in this gorgeous dark green lace dress and wearing totally awesome Wonder Woman high top tennis shoes (a replacement for the high heels that were killing her feet), all which were lost when my camera went on the fritz.  

Candice was a class act with us all the way, even when the Arrow crew had already come in and taken their spots when she was talking with us.  It was so noisy and total madness that I’m not sure a video interview would have been heard.  Luckily, I captured the entire interview on my audio recorder, so I have the transcript below.  

What a beautiful dress!

I had proper shoes, I just took them off and I traded them off for my wonder woman ones, my feet are hurting.  


How would you say Iris has changed by the events of season one?  As the season evolved, rolling into to season two, what are your thoughts?

So much of season one she was kept in the dark and it kept her isolated from that Star Labs Flash team, so she’s dealing with feeling isolated and betrayed by her father and best friend.  And losing Mason Bridge, who was her mentor and the losing her boyfriend Eddie Thawne, it was a very emotionally rough season.  I think moving into season two we will see her begin to grieve those things and then move forward in being an asset to The Flash.  

How do you think your character would react to the recent same sex marriage ruling? 

I think first of all she probably would have been one of the first people reporting about it, advocating for it.  I think Iris, her morality is so in check and she does what’s right.  She is a heart person.  I always say Star Labs team they think from their mind, they are science, they are tech.  Iris is heart and she is earth and she’s street.  So, I think she would have been all that.  

How much do the creators/producers/writers tell you what’s going coming up?

A little bit here and there when I ask but I don’t really press.  I don’t want to know.  I don’t want to be either too excited by or too depressed because things also change quite often.  But I’m very aware of where we’re kind of delving Iris this season.  I hear its good things, Geoff Johns has promised me its good things.  Season one, the heart of that show and the emotion of the show really dealt with Barry and his relationship with his father and that family dynamic.  I think season two the heart and emotion will be coming from Iris and her dealing with her family.  

Is Iris going to be more involved in the action this year?

Yeah, now that Iris knows, she’s no way of getting her out of that.  She’s just too persistent, she’s in it.  We’ve started shooting season two and most of my scenes have been in Star Labs.  You very much see her working with the group.  She’s there with Martin Stein, and Carlos, and Danielle’s character so its fun.  

Is that exciting for you, having that opportunity?

It is because I’ve never really gotten to work with those actors in that kind of way.  Its fun sitting at the console at Star Labs, having an opinion and talking with these characters I really don’t get to see.  

What skills does she contribute as a reporter?

I think we’ll get into that into season two.  I’m not sure exactly how that will look but again going back to the idea that Cisco and Caitlin are science and they’re tech and Iris is heart and she gets humans and she gets people.  She’s the kind of person that’s on the street and she knows how to talk to people and get the scoop and get what’s really going on in Central City.  So I think she’ll be able to add that kind of impact to team, get them information that they maybe can’t get on a computer.  Sometimes they’ve got to be face to face to people and really get the scoop.  

What are your favorite TV shows right now?

Game of Thrones, I just finished Daredevil, The Killing, I really want to watch Hannibal, Grace and Frankie.

Is there a scene coming up that you can’t wait for fans to see? 

In the first episode?  Yes.  

Can you tell us something about it? 

There’s some fun new faces. 

How quickly does the story start from the season finale?  

We pick up right where we left off.  We will be right there after that singularity. 

What was your favorite emotional moment in the first season?

There were a few.  Having that heart to heart with Barry in Star Labs about “How could you lie to me, I’m your best friend, you tell me everything,” I think that was a really important moment for Barry and Iris. Same the conversation she had with her father regarding the same thing.  And then I think the tsunami moment.  I think that was cinematically so epic and romantic and everything you love about a comic book.  To be a part of that was really cool.  

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