I was pretty excited to get the opportunity to do a roundtable interview with Katie Cassidy.  For one, I had never met her before. Two, if one thing did go right in Arrow season three it was the way they gradually worked her character into the role of the Black Canary.  It was a long, bumpy ride.  She talks about this a little, as well as some other things that will be coming up in season four. 

I have the full transcript below the video because things got very noisy in the press room and it’s hard to hear some parts of this interview.  She gave some really great answers to the questions and I wanted to do them justice.  

I want to know what you thought about when you found out you were the Black Canary, that transformation between learning how to be the Black Canary and feeling like you earned it.  

Okay, first of all, when I first I met with the producers before I took the show, they had kind of teased that was where it would go.  I didn’t know when, so it was definitely a long time coming, but I think the way they did it was really smart in making sure it was legitimate, as realistic as possible, and we all have to go through hardship and be broken down to come through the other side.  When I found out it was actually happening…I was freaking out.  Cause I was so excited and I wanted it to happen so bad.  I mean I was so happy and then last season we saw Laurel go out and fight but she was swinging out of heart, she didn’t have the skill.  This season we will see her a lot more polished.  For me as an actor, the way I work, I would be training regardless. They’re putting me in training and I have been training which has been great and I’ve been working really hard and I think that it’s all going to pay off in the end.  And it feels really freaking cool to know that, you know, I can kick some ass (laughs).  If anyone messes with me…

Caity (Lotz) is over on Legends of Tomorrow as White Canary, surely at some point there must be some sort of Black Canary crossover.  Do you know if anything is in the works about that? 

I don’t but I would love to do (that).  I love doing the crossovers.  I crossed over on The Flash and that was awesome. 

Can you talk about the dynamic at Team Arrow with Diggle as the team boss, the new Team Arrow without Oliver? 

It is Team Arrow, it is very much a team effort. Everyone plays their own role.  Whether or not they did a good job of cleaning up the city, you’re going to find out in the premiere of season four.  But I think there’s definitely a missing link, obviously.  The three, Felicity, Diggle, and Laurel, do the best that they can, but also Diggle’s been doing this the longest.  Laurel’s always happy to learn from other people. 

Laurel has had a bit of a rough road to get where she is.  How do you think she’s going to handle (hearing about) her sister?  

I think that it’s going to be another emotional roller coaster.  I think her sister is probably going to be proud of her but also worried because she’s putting herself in harm’s way.  I think she overall would think it’s a good thing to have your sister back.  

In this expanding universe, is there an opportunity to access different portions of the character that you get to play on Arrow? 

Absolutely.  It was cool to go over to The Flash because of tone, it was much lighter, and it was nice to see Laurel smile.  For me when I’m shooting I really put myself into the raw emotional heavy stuff, I try to stay in it while I’m on the set.  It was nice to not be so dark.  I don’t know it was cool, it was fun to play and to play in the space in that world and do something new and different.  I love to do it.  

We haven’t seen too many female superheroes throughout the history of television and but we’re beginning to see that explode right now.  Yours is probably one of the most badass characters in the DC universe.

Thank you. 

Have you heard from young girls who have told you how fun it is to see you on TV for that? 

I have.  I hear often and it’s so fulfilling and so redeeming and I’m so glad that I can be somebody who can represent women today and stronger women (she pauses to say ‘Like Willa’ because Willa Holland has come over).  But honestly, it’s awesome to hear.  It makes my job that much easier I guess to know that other people look up to me and I can be an influence.  

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