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Last week Revolution returned and I was so glad to see it back!  The mid season finale didn’t pack the punch that the mid season finale packed last season, but I was very fired up about finding out who Bass’s son was!  Had we already met him?  Who was he?  Did he know who his father was?  Would he be like Bass?  Regarding the mid season finale specifically, there was a lot that went on–we found out that what Aaron did to his code when he was working on restoring the power seemed to give the nannites sentience.  They saw him as their creator so all the weird things that were going on that Aaron seemed to control he sort of did–in the sense that they did what they thought that Aaron wants at that moment…huh, kind of like how Bass always tries to do what Miles wants at that moment.  Like the nannites in the mid season finale, I too wondered why Aaron asked the nannites to kill all the Patriots over asking for them to bring back Cynthia…

We pick up virtually where we left off…the gang has escaped.  Miles is not doing well as his hand is in very bad shape.  Bass and Charlie go to rescue Gene, who then is able to help Miles.  Once Miles is awake, Bass wants to know about his son.  Miles agrees to take Bass to his son, who we now know is named Connor.  Miles asks Rachel to go with them and the three set out. Aaron, Gene and Charlie were to stay hidden until the three returned, but as soon as Aaron sees an opening, he takes off.  Charlie and Gene try unsuccessfully to find him, but do stumble on a very interesting new scheme by the Patriots…

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Did I mention how glad I am that Revolution is back? During this hiatus I had to explain to at least two people why they needed to start watching again. Problem with how clean everyone looked?  Oh that was so last season!  Eric noticed that last season, too, and it’s much grittier this season!  Problems with two dimensional Monroe? Last season!  This season Monroe has gotten to be quite texturized as a character–complete with snark–and the writers have had the courage to keep Monroe morally ambiguous! Problems with Charlie being whiney and trying too hard to be like Miles?  Again, last season!  This season Tracy has really been coming into her own creating a more confident character who doesn’t seem to be trying too hard to be tough…she is just doing it naturally. Oddly enough, last season it seemed to me that Charlie was trying so hard to show a Miles style swagger, but this season she has showed a more “devil may care” attitude, like Bass! The name Connor reminds me of Angel’s son, who he had such a horrible relationship with.

“Three Amigos” was written by David Rambo and Anne Cofell Saunders.  With David having writers credits, you know there will be some great Bass snark and this episode really was the best yet as far as that was concerned. He is very focused now on finding his son.  Now that he knows that Miles knows where his son is, he is unwilling to wait any longer.  

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I agree with Bass.  His whole life he has been looking for some kind of family and it makes total sense that now that he knows he has a son, he is very focused on finding him.  Miles, in an attempt to keep Bass from Connor, actually brought him to an aunt and uncle’s house in Mexico.  We learn that Connor’s aunt and uncle died 8 years prior and that Miles didn’t know…Which means that Miles has known about Bass’s son for more than 8 years.  In the web series “Enemies of the State”, we know that 4 years before the Revo pilot actions occurred, Miles put a gun to Bass’s head but couldn’t pull the trigger, and ran.  It means that Miles was working as THE General for the Monroe Republic when he hid Bass’s son. He said that Bass was already too far gone, meaning over 8 years ago…which would be about 3 years before he would try to kill Bass!  And Miles was already lying and keeping things from Bass…

I really did like the meeting with Bass’s son!  Bass being all bravado and snark and we meet his son who has that same brand of bravado and snark.  We could guess that Connor wouldn’t be happy to see his father. I actually was incredibly impressed with both scenes with David Lyons and Mat Vairo.  Mat did a great job with getting the same kind of tone to his snark as David had.  I’m very interested to see how this plays out!  We got a little bit of an idea of what Bass is thinking.  He still seeks power, maybe that he thinks his son can do things better than he could.  It didn’t seem like Bass was very interested in power at all back when he was fight clubbing for diamonds in New Vegas.  Is he dangling the “power” carrot in front of his son because his son has shown a proclivity for it getting in with the cartel?  Does he think that this is the way to get his son in his life, if he can teach him how to take control and how to lead?  

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We saw the previews for next week and know that Connor brings Bass to his boss, Nunez.  It also looks like Bass might take a beating.  We had the scene that sounded a lot like Vader trying to lure Luke in, will Nunez be like the Emperor?  Will we have some kind of a scenario where Connor has to save his father from Nunez almost like a reverse Vader/Emperor/Luke scene? How will Miles and Rachel come in?  We know that Miles will save Bass from Nunez.  The entire episode Miles plays it like he only is going along with this because they need Bass against the Patriots.  I have a hard time believing that one.  Miles does care about Bass and does want to protect him.  I’m wondering if maybe Miles had other reasons for keeping Connor from Bass.  Maybe Miles felt betrayed that Emma and Bass had sex.  Maybe he knew that if he told Bass about Connor, Bass would drop everything and their newly forming Republic would fall apart…It will be interesting to see if anything else is said about this…I think I will look through some more of the back story to see if I can glean anything else out of this!

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I was a little shocked about Rachel. I understood her anger about Danny.  Bass didn’t pull the trigger but they were his men.  Which is why I liked when Bass basically spelled out Miles’s responsibility for Emma’s death.  Rachel essentially says that Bass’s son is a bad seed because Bass is a bad seed.  I loved Bass’s comeback about how following Rachel’s reasoning, Charlie would grow up and end the world.

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But it made me wonder about why Miles wanted Rachel there.  Rachel speaks Spanish and it doesn’t appear that Miles or Bass do. having someone who spoke Spanish would be vital.  From what he said to Rachel, he felt that people always die when Bass and Miles are together, so he wanted Rachel there as an offset. Even so, when Rachel was getting a little concerned about the guy hitting on her on the wagon, it was Bass that pushed to get rid of them, not Miles. Bass brushed it off like he was sick of waiting, but the timing was interesting to note. 

Now the idea of bringing the kid to Mexico reminded me of Young Guns 2, where they were trying to get south of the border because they were outlaws trying to escape the wild west.  We have that idea that the Mexicans are trying to seal the border to keep all the riffraff out of Mexico.

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In this episode we also see a bit more of Neville and Julia’s attempts to take over from the inside.  Julia is also full on Lady MacBeth.  Julia and her husband are on the way to the White House.  The plan is to kill the Secretary of State so that the next in line is Julia’s husband.  She will whisper into his ear to get Tom promoted. 

I found the fact that Julia was going by the name Rebecca very interesting.  I love that book.  We never know Rebecca, we only know OF her, that everyone seems to think she is this perfect socialite wife. Everyone thinks she is wonderful–with one exception–her husband Maximillian DeWinter.  He knows what a cruel vindictive opportunistic bitch she is.  Here we really see that side of Julia.  Neville knows she is, too, but he loves her.  He also seems to think that he can control her.  I guess it will be interesting to see if that is the case.  Does Julia love him, or just love the power that she has achieved? Will she turn on Tom? Or is this plotting a bit of a turn on for her? Does she like that she makes Tom so crazy he will kill for her?

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Aaron has gone off on his own to Oklahoma.  He wants to find the nannites that left him after the incidents at the school.  Since in “humanoid” form, they had said that they were from Spring City, Oklahoma, he decides to go there.  Upon arrival, he finds Grace!  

Is anyone else wondering what Jason saw in the folder he checks out? Jason didn’t have much of a story this time, but I’m hoping that picks up a bit…

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And what about those oranges???  Charlie kills to take a wagon full of…oranges…which seems safe enough, but then we see the Patriots injecting oranges with…something.  What are the Patriots giving to people?  Are they giving people something horrible, like a disease?  Are all the special “luxuries” that the Patriots are promising people being used as some kind of cruel manipulation point?  My guess is that yes, clearly the Patriots have an ulterior motive, so it seems like it will be all about finding out what their nefarious motive is this time.

I’m pretty excited to see what the rest of this season brings!  Let me know what you thought of the episode!  What do you think will happen with Julia and Tom?  What about Bass and Connor?

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