I enjoyed this simple, straightforward episode.  It showcased what the series has managed to achieve after two seasons of lies, half-truths, and amnesia:  calm balance, where everyone has a share in a predominantly standalone episode.

Nick and Juliette are in a great place.  Even Juliette’s question of who “M” is and why does this person have money and love Nick isn’t likely to stay a question for long.  Nick has no reason to lie to Juliette about anything anymore.  So, I believe come next week, or whenever she asks him, he’ll tell her about that as well.

Rosalee and Monroe continue to light up the screen.  They’re having fun figuring out their relationship and are surprisingly – after all, this is television, and rarely do they write anything about relationships with any intelligence – honest and real about their relationship and moving forward.  I adore their scenes.  I particularly enjoy how ‘real’ Rosalee is.  She understands that men need male friendships.  Encouraging Monroe to go with Nick and Hank to research was refreshingly right.

How fun was Nick and Hank’s interrogation of the father at the precinct?  These guys are partners and have been for several years; thus it makes sense they would have a rhythm when interrogating someone.  They fell into the barrage of questions with ease and quickly tripped dad up.  I like it when a show actually shows us professionals doing their job and doing it well.  Too often we only see Nick and Hank talking about a crime scene or talking about following a lead, or asking the questions we already know they’re going to ask.  This time they simply flowed with what they were presented and quickly debunked it.

I also enjoyed the line at the end when Nick told the very confused Jake that of course he saw something strange – it was Portland.  Sometimes going for the cliché is the best approach.  It shows how much Nick accepts his life and now just goes with it.  Sure, the Wesen will be frightened when they realize they’re in the custody of a Grimm; not everyone knows Nick’s a ‘good Grimm’, unless he needs to be a bad Grimm.  But, as another pointer to how much darker the show is, Nick is quite willing, with Renard’s backing, to let nature take its course and leave the explanations up to the coroner.  The two ‘fundamentalist’ Wesen will likely dry up and die of severe dehydration.  Well, as Nick said, they should have thought of that.  There’s no hand ringing anymore.

The overall story of Adalind was very much on the backburner this week – likely why this standalone worked so well; nothing to distract or disrupt the flow.  However, important connections were made. Renard is now highly suspicious of Adalind and is starting to put the dots together:  Royal baby being marketed in Europe and Adalind’s possible connection with Frau Pech.  Renard is putting the pieces together and coming up with a disturbing picture. 

Wu, the scene stealer, is still in the dark as to all things Wesen.  If the producers are to be believed, that will remain the status quo for the foreseeable future.  I’m glad.  Someone in all this craziness has to remain grounded in the normal.  Since Wu is able to do his job effectively without being in on the Wesen world, there’s no reason to bring him into the mix.  He makes a perfect foil to the zaniness as well; Wu just rolls with whatever is put in front him.  There’s a detachment to the strange that allows him to function in his job.  He doesn’t ignore anything, but, since he’s not a detective, it’s not his role to follow every lead to its logical (or illogical but correct) conclusion.  His job is to secure the scene, track down information upon request, ensure there’s backup when needed – he’s the supply sergeant, logistical commander and all-around yeoman.  He’s great.  He’s also the comedic relief, and he’s good at it.

“One Night Stand” didn’t forget to give us a little tease on Nick’s post-zombie situation either.  We got a bit of his super hearing and now he’s able to stay under water for an extended period of time.  He wasn’t breathing hard either, all part and parcel of last week’s non-stress stress test.  I like that now Hank has witnessed this phenomenon.  I wonder what else Nick is now able to do having been zombified and then cured. 

So far, I like the feel of Season 3.  It seems much stronger, more focused and definitely aligned to go forward.  I think Grimm is growing into itself nicely. 
Until next week, thanks for reading.  Elle2

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