So, immediately following Monday night’s episode, I composed a sonnet in Miles’ honor.  Here it goes:

So, immediately following Monday night’s episode, I composed a sonnet in Miles’ honor.  Here it goes:

A Sonnet To Miles
My God! The man is truly hot, It seems
That I can only take the time to talk
About how nights with swords and knives, I dream
About the way his ass moves when he walks.
Oh, Reluctant Hero, you drive me mad
With feels for pain you know will likely come
The battle you now wage to kill the bad
Will end when death to your best friend is done.
But in the mean time you will still snark on
And be so sexy while you fight to free
Your nephew from his prison as a pawn
And which will make my heart fill up with glee.
So long as those brass knuckles want to shine,
So watch this show will I because you’re fine.

Ahem.  Now that I’ve gotten THAT out of my system…
I really am enjoying this show immensely.  That isn’t to say that I don’t continuously look for things that don’t quite make sense–like checking for roots on Elizabeth Mitchell’s hair–I mean please, if we don’t even have television any more and we’re back to the pioneer days, aren’t we back to colonial forms of hair dye, too?  Get that bowl of tea ready for those grays!

But there are things each week that make me smile…like the horses pulling the car like a stagecoach!  And yes, it would make perfect sense that wood or coal would still power trains…wondering why they haven’t been used regularly in the Revolution-verse over the last 15 years.


In this episode, we found out a little bit more about Monroe’s end game, and who “Not-Nate” really is.  We saw a little bit about what lengths “Not-Nate”, or rather Jason, will go to to protect Charlie (quick, Romeo and Juliet theme song! Oh yeah, we need to wait for one of those pendants…)  We now know one needs to “collect all twelve” of the pendants, and that Rachel isn’t just the wifey she seems!  She was working this project WITH Ben!  Wait, is this like Boris and Doris in True Lies?  YAY! Well, was…because Ben is gone.  But I haven’t ruled out the possibility of interesting “associations” between Rachel and Bass or Rachel and Miles…I may have to write some fanfic…

“Soul Train” was written by Paul Grellong who has written for Terra Nova and Law & Order, SVU.  Interesting that he doesn’t seem to be a JJ or Kripke man, but he is a producer of the show!  It struck me again this week about how action packed the show is. Even on rewatch I was clutching my chair!
I was very excited to find out that the director, Jon Cassar, directed one of my favorite episodes of The Dead Zone, “Dinner with Dana”.  Ok, maybe I was OVERLY excited…but what can I say?

Maggie is dead, but Danny is still alive and very close.  In Noblesville, Indiana, there is a train that Captain Neville plans to take to bring Danny to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on. This appears to be the capital of the Monroe Republic–Philadelphia, not Noblesville. Bass Monroe himself is in Philadelphia along with Rachel.  Rachel doesn’t give in under threat of her own torture, but with seeing Danny, well now we’re at a whole new level of torture.  Bass is sure that Rachel knows what Ben knew about the power.  He wants to turn it on.  The pressure for power right NOW seems to be coming from the fact that the Monroe Republic’s weaknesses are being exploited by neighboring colonies with which the Monroe Republic is at war.  The imminent threat seems to be the Georgia Federation, who has heard about the trouble Bass has been having with Rebels.  As a true military man, Bass knows that history has shown that the side with the greater technology is the side that generally wins.  If you have one group with rifles that fire 100 feet and another group with rifles that fire 150 feet, all the group with rifles that fire 150 feet have to do is stand 125 feet from the other group and there is no contest.  If Bass can turn the power back on, the other colonies will not have a chance at beating them. Bass’s end game, much like our own Monroe Doctrine, seems to be about maintaining the power acquired, but actually is much more expansive.

For the second week in a row I was quite impressed with the Neville/Danny storyline.  We didn’t go back with Danny, but we had a lot with Neville.  We found out he lost his job the day of the blackout because he was a nice guy and approved payment on smoke damage. We find out that he didn’t believe in punching others in anger, only his punching bag–until after the blackout.  I also loved finding out about Jason!  Such an interesting turn that Not-Nate is actually Neville’s son!  Talk about being trapped!  I have been starting to like Jason over the last couple episodes.  This story could be a lot of fun.  Especially since he went against his father and his superior officer to protect Charlie!  I see a defect coming up!  Meanwhile, I wonder if Danny will acquire a grudging respect for Neville.  From the bits and pieces of spoilers I’ve seen, it looks like there are a few more eppies before Danny is reunited with Charlie.  I’m wondering if there will be a conflict there?  Will Danny go with the militia?  Will he start to understand more about what happened?  Will WE start to understand more about what happened?  


And while we’re at it, what happened that made Bass unable to be reasoned with?  Why is Miles so sure he is going to have to kill his best friend?
Ah, fun little bits–I loved that the book Hutch was printing on the old fashioned printing press was “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”!  And how about the “secret handshake” for the rebels?  Nora asked Hutch if he had the Biography of Joe Biden.
We did have some annoying Charlie moments…The fake out about spying on her boyfriend was NOT one of them.  I was impressed with the quick thinking.  Not so impressed with her lack of tailing skills though…especially from someone so allegedly skilled in tracking! That looking through the window thing on the train seemed to slow things down a little too.
Ah, Kripke, and putting women in mortal danger…how about what happened to Nora?? She got stabbed by Hutch because she cared more about the promise she made to help find Danny than blowing up the train.  It seems that next episode, which will air not next Monday but Monday, October 29, 2012 will go into detail regarding what Miles has to do to try to save Nora!
This episode juxtaposed adults trying to “toughen” up kids…where it works, where it doesn’t…and maybe how those adults had to toughen up along the way themselves…In the beginning of the episode we see Miles telling Charlie she essentially has to toughen up.  Crying over Maggie isn’t going to bring her back and actually could hurt her chances of saving her brother.  By the end of the episode, Charlie is the one who doesn’t want to hear excuses.  Nora comments to Miles “Nice job, Coach”, but it actually kind of sounded like she was being sarcastic…As in see how it feels? Bet you weren’t expecting it to be used against yourself…
We also saw some of the harsh lessons Jason had to learn early on. Interesting how we see not only Danny reject the “lessons” Neville tried to teach him, but apparently his own son reject those lessons, as well.  This makes me wonder a lot about what it takes to truly be a leader. Neville doesn’t seem like much of a leader. He gets thrown easily by Miles, his own son doesn’t follow his orders.  He seems more like an intellectual who wasn’t even interested in holding a position of authority.  Maybe the position he does hold he only does to protect his family. Even Nora, with all of her strength couldn’t get Hutch to follow her. His own self interests were his motivation.  So why are people willing to follow Charlie? Why are they willing to follow Miles?  I can’t help but think that maybe it has to do with resolve, but Nora had that.  Heart?  Nora had that, but about herself, really.  Charlie showed compassion for those other prisoners.  Miles showed compassion for Jeremy, also for others just being beaten up by highwaymen.  Maybe that’s the difference.  Or maybe there isn’t a difference.  There definitely are some very interesting characters and storylines developing. 

I am very excited about where this all is going!  Not so excited I have to wait a week for a new episode, but that will give me time to catch up on adding my reviews to my personal blog and getting my Supernatural reviews in order!  Let me know what you thought of the episode and where you think this all is heading!
Thanks for reading!  Screencaps from Scifi.grande-caps tumblr.

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