“Break On Through” did what any episode is supposed to do, move the plot bunnies along. I can’t say anything extraordinary happened, but what played out is still relevant to the overall scheme. The episode did have it’s moments.
There were three stories going on, and the three didn’t flow together all that well. Individually they were acceptable though. First up was Alaric, who’s getting a CAT scan at the hospital under the supervision of saintly Dr. Meredith. In what’s supposed to be creepy, but turned out more awkward than anything, Alaric sees something different and slightly more sinister in his reflection in the mirror during the scan. It’s too subtle though to tell us much, intentionally I presume to continue doubt.
Alaric is fine medically, so he goes off with Damon and Meredith to some dedication at the Wickery Bridge to kick off story #2. Isn’t that the bridge where Elena’s and Jeremy’s parents died? I guess no one is remembering that. Low and behold, there’s a long lost friend of Damon’s there. It’s none other than Sage, who we saw in the flashback last week. She’s apparently there to get back at Rebekah for something, even though she should be looking for Rebekah’s brother Finn. She didn’t seem to be too hellbent on that despite the fact he’s the love of her life. More on that coming.
For the third story, it’s off to Abby’s house with Bonnie and Caroline. Abby isn’t adjusting to the whole vampire thing very well. Tell me, has anyone transitioned into a vampire well? The story did need to play out and it’s good to see Bonnie and Caroline with some screen time, but not a lot happens in this plot. Abby is unstable, Caroline and Bonnie try to help, Abby leaves anyway. More heartbreak for Bonnie, I get it. It’s nice seeing Jamie again though. He isn’t given much to do other than act stupid about Abby being a vampire, but I didn’t mind since he gives the eyes some very fine entertainment.
Alaric, even though he surrendered the ring, spends most of his time on lockdown with Meredith at casa de Gilbert. They talk about various things. She’s drugging him to prevent him from going apeshit, but that doesn’t work for long. Elena in the meantime is over at Stefan’s doing some research on Samantha Gilbert, only to find that when she committed one of her murders she wasn’t wearing the ring. Yes, that sets off some red flags.
Another red flag is when they search Alaric’s apartment. Seems that since the Bennett witches created the no death ring, there’s a spell that might reverse the madness Alaric is experiencing. All they need is something he touched before he put the ring on. Why his wedding ring of course. They go looking for the ring, and instead find a whole bunch of evidence that not only is Alaric killing founders, but he’s going to contact Jeremy, the other ring bearer, to help him with the task as well. Ruh roh.
Sure enough, in a strangely predictable twist (rare for this show), evil Alaric disposes of the medicine Meredith is giving him and goes after her with a kitchen knife. He wounds her badly, but she’s able to run and lock herself in the bathroom upstairs, which has three doors? Yikes, that is not the room to run to for safety. She stabs Alaric in the hand while locking the third door and falls on the floor to bleed to death. In another predictable twist, Elena and Stefan show up in time for Stefan smell her blood, easily disable a knife wielding Alaric and heal Meredith with his blood. Oh, but in the process of doing all this he overcomes his obsessive craving for human blood (which is everywhere), so it’s a win for everybody!
Alaric wakes up to see Damon keeping watch. Bonnie performed the spell, but they need to be cautious. Alaric also has to take herbs twice a day for, probably forever. This means this plot is probably not over yet and something will go wrong. After all, I watch this show. In a mega, mega bonus, Elena calls Jeremy to check in on him and they show him!!! Yay, Jeremy! Alaric hasn’t been in touch with him, so Elena doesn’t let on about the ring. Oh yeah, this is so going to backfire on her.
In the meantime, Sage and Rebekah pretend to hate each other, but Rebekah comes to Damon’s party anyway even though the only other guest is Sage. Okay. Damon sleeps with Rebekah, Sage reads her thoughts after she sleeps off all that torrid sex, and shares with Damon her thoughts by making out in the shower with him. Rebekah’s looking for the white oak tree. Wearing nothing but a strategically placed white towel (yes, I was too distracted wishing for the darned thing to fall off), Damon finds the family journal of the old logging business. That makes me curious, since I thought Stefan was the family librarian. Anyway, seems that the white oak tree was used to make the Wickery Bridge! Will wonders never cease.
Sage takes this info and tells Rebekah, so I guess they were in cahoots? That makes sense, since if Rebekah dies all the originals die, including Sage’s beloved Finn. Rebekah burns the bridge. Damon pretends to be all pissed off at them both, but then he tells Stefan later it was all part of his plan, or something like that. He uncovers something he lifted before the fire, the original Wickery bridge sign, made of the same white oak tree. The next plan, time to kill some originals. Oh, how these vampires love to double cross one another all the time.
Next episode, the brothers try to kill originals. Good luck with that! Until next week.

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