Person of Interest moves to Tuesdays.  I’m cool with it!

I’m not worried.  And if I may be so bold:  You shouldn’t be either.   I mean, let’s face it; are you all going to stop watching PoI simply because it is now on a new night and an hour later?  ……. Nope, didn’t think so.

I know; 10:00 p.m. isn’t a big bonanza for the 18-49 demo.  Does any show on any network do well in that demo at that time?  Nope.  Sure, Revolution started big; however, did you see where it landed?  Granted it does have a 2.68 for an average, so not too bad; however the trend is not in its favor.  Scandal (on ABC) is the only show that’s actually grown in that demo at that time; even so, its average for the season is only a 2.46.  Castle rings in nicely at a 2.04 average, Hawaii Five-0 at a 2.16, CSI at a 2.31.  Most of the rest of the shows eek out an occasional 2.—something.  DVR numbers help.

What does 10:00 p.m. have going for it in PoI’s favor?  A lot.  No DTWS, The Voice, or American Idol to contend with, not ever.  There’s nothing on Fox or the CW (which was never really a contender at any time…even as I enjoy Supernatural and Arrow).  NBC is airing Chicago Fire at 10:00 p.m. on Tuesdays next season; it averages a 1.82 in the key demographic with an average of 6.58 million viewers.  I think PoI can take it.

Lucky 7 is premiering on ABC.  Guess the ratings now (bomb) because who really wants to watch a show about seven people winning the lottery and all the nastiness that comes from it?  I don’t think there’s too many, no matter who is headlining the cast.  I give it ten episodes until it’s cancelled, and that’s only because AB C doesn’t have anything else to air.

So, really, Person of Interest will do just fine.

And, don’t forget, this should mean (although it might not if PoI only produces 22 episodes again in season 3) this should mean that it returns two days earlier than if it had stayed on Thursdays.  (And yes, those two days do matter!)

Speaking of why PoI only produced 22 episodes:  I’m totally spitballing here but perhaps due to PoI having nearly double the camera setups that other shows do, which takes time and likely wears people down, I think they traded off two eps a season in order to keep the quality so high.  I’m okay with that.  (From Alice – I heard Hurricane Sandy may have played a role in this year’s schedule too.  That’s not confirmed either though).  

Now, about the other ‘elephant in the room: Sarah Shahi being promoted to a regular for Season 3.  Well, time will tell how well this works.  From what I’ve seen thus far, PoI’s creative force makes moves with care and a plan.  With Nolan and Plageman saying they wanted to expand the PoI universe in Season 3, this is an appropriate move.  Shaw and Reese work very well together, always a plus.  Further, now that the ‘Relevant Universe’ (Hersh and Co.) knows about the ‘Irrelevant Universe’ (don’t think I need to expound on this) there is symmetry to have both sides represented on Team Machine. 

Also, perhaps (going back to the 22 episodes topic) Sarah Shahi might take a bit of pressure off of Jim Caviezel.  There was an article earlier this season indicating he was getting quite beat up this season; Shaw’s character could take some of those blows, (well, her double for sure) as well as might ease some of the hours that any actor is working.  I know; people will say what does it matter?  They get paid plenty.  Well, to keep quality high, it matters.  Burn out your leads, sideline them with injuries, and everyone suffers.

Person of Interest has closed chapter one.  Chapter two opens this fall.  A new night, a new time, and a new regular cast member (someone help me out here, does ‘regular’ mean every episode?  Isn’t Kevin Chapman a regular?  He’s not in every episode.), all to partake of a new chapter; sounds good to me.

I know where I’ll be at 10:00 p.m. this fall on Tuesdays, and I know what I’ll be watching!
As always, thanks for reading!  Elle2

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