In a nice flurry of scattered media reports and tweets, the statuses of the remaining CW shows and the pilots have now been decided!  

It all started when Nikita Executive Producer Craig Silverstein tweeted the news he just received from the network:

@sesfonstein:  Um, don’t know if y’all are interested but Nikita season 3 is ON!!!

Turns out it wasn’t just “Nikita.”  Other CW shows getting the renewal notices were “Hart of Dixie,” and for a final 11 episode season, “Gossip Girl.”  Early word came out that “The Secret Circle” was among that list, but it was learned shortly after that it had been cancelled along with “Ringer.”  ”Nikita” and “Hart of Dixie” received full 22 episode orders.  

On the pilot end, as rumored, the CW has picked up five pilots.  Slam dunks “Arrow” and “The Carrie Diaries” were on that list, as well as “First Cut,” “Beauty and The Beast,” and “Cult.”  The network passed on “Selection” and “Shelter” and I don’t even know what happened to the “Joey Dakota” pilot.  That’s been dead for a while.  

So, you know what that means?  Here’s my predicted schedule. 

Mon:  8 pm Hart of Dixie
           9 pm  First Cut

Tue:   8 pm 90210
           9 pm The Carrie Diaries

Wed:  8 pm  ANTM
           9 pm  Nikita

Thu:  8 pm The Vampire Diaires
          9 pm  Beauty and The Beast

Fri:    8 pm  Arrow
         9 pm Supernatural

Midseason:  Cult, Gossip Girl (they could end up anywhere).  

Yes, my mind might change before next Thursday.  I still say the network is going to be ballsy and put a brand new show on Friday at 8pm.  Maybe repeat it on other nights too.  I think the network has dreams of the “Smallville”/”Supernatural” glory days.  Has your schedule changed?  

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