This is an experiment.  Depending how it goes, I may do more, or no.   I’ll be trolling the sites I troll throughout this hiatus, periodically rounding up the news and bringing it here.  So, here’s the first such installment:

Person of Interest on Tuesdays for the next three weeks:

Just in from Futon Critic, courtesy of TVBYTHENUMBERS announcement:  Person of Interest is replacing Brooklyn DA on Tuesdays for the next three Tuesdays.

On June 18 the repeat of “2piR” will be shown, June 20th will be “Prisoner’s Dilemma,” June 25th will be “Dead Reckoning,” and the tag team of Tues and Thurs will continue through “Booked Solid” on July 2nd with a re-repeat of “Bad Code” on July 4th

Seems Brooklyn DA didn’t fare well and will be burning off their remaining three episodes on Saturdays at 9 p.m. – if you watched it, now you’ll know where to find it.  🙂

This is a great chance for us Irrelevants who may or may not be nervous about PoI’s new timeslot to see how it fares.  I’ll be checking it out (even as I’m not a Nielsen family – did fill out a diary earlier this year though) Q&A with Jonathan Nolan and Gregory Plageman:

I stumbled upon a great Q&A session with the two creators of PoI.  The questions were coming fast and furious and apparently the two were having some connection difficulties and were unable to keep up.  However, they had some wonderful responses to things ranging from appreciation for the strong women on the show to awe at just how ‘on’ PoI is regarding the state of surveillance in the United States.  The tagline of PoI being five minutes into the future seems a bit of an overstatement now, perhaps two seconds is closer.

There was a great question asking if Carter could still be described as the moral center of the show.  Jonathan answered by saying the only thing more fun than writing the moral center was knocking that person off balance and seeing what they do.  He confirmed there is a fun arc for her for next season.

It has been confirmed by Greg that the cast is amazing (we know!) and total pros; however, Bear has become quite the diva.  (Hah!)
One of my favorite moments came when a reddit user asked if they were lurkers or regulars at reddit as well as if they read reviews/comments and ever find themselves affected in their writing and/or direction by those reviews/comments.  Greg answered saying he was more of a lurker, and that while…”[h]e love[s] the whirlwind of thought-provoking online reviews and comments, but we never want the show to become a feedback loop for our fans.  We just want to keep pushing the show ahead in dangerous new directions….Buckle up and join us on the ride.”

I, for one, applaud that statement!  (APPLAUDING)  No doubt, as a fan, I have my own thoughts, wishes, hopes, you name it, for the shows I love.  From time to time, I dabble in what ifs and theories and ‘boy I wish they’d do this or that’ – hey, it’s fun.  However, when I really sit down and reflect on what I truly want, I find that what I truly want is for a show’s creators, writers, producers, et al, to know their purpose, know their direction and take us there.  Too often the vocal minority that populates the Internet, drives the direction of things to destinations never intended and frankly unappreciated by the majority.  So, I’m a fan of Greg’s and Jonathan’s approach thus far, listen and interact, but have your destination in mind and keep driving for it.  (PSA:  Only about 12% of the US population is on Twitter – that’s the vocal minority out there…end of PSA)

If you want to see the Q&A yourself:

Bear even gets in on the reddit feed by tweeting a picture of Jonathan and Greg (BearDeHond)
More Jeffrey Hunt come Season 3:

Jeffrey Hunt confirms via Twitter:  @huntvision that for the 2013-2014 season he will be directing more Person of Interest!  Yes!!!!  I’m so happy.  He has directed Number Crunch, Masquerade, Bury the Lede, Trojan Horse and Zero Day thus far.  [He will also be directing Vampire Diaries, which he has done before, The Originals, H50 and Almost Human.]

Someone who reads the PoI reviews here at TVFTROU sent him my comment from Zero Day where I said I hoped he’d direct more episodes.  I hope you’re reading, whoever you are, and perhaps will send this link as well.  Hooray for more Jeffrey Hunt directed episodes of PoI in Season 3!!!

(And no, I don’t think that counts as a fan affecting the show.  PoI signed up Mr. Hunt for more episodes because they like his work!  As for me, I like that he always posts some BTS pics and little insights.  Never gives anything away, simply whets the appetite for what is to come.)
Season 2 DVDs available on

…September 3rd!  I pre-ordered mine a few months ago and they are set to arrive by 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday September 3rd.  Still a bit sparse on the extras – drat!  But there will be a commentary on God Mode, a gag reel and View from the Machine:  24 hours Behind Person of Interest.

It’s listed at about $60.00 for pre-order; however, that price always drops to about 39.99 by the time it is released. 
There you have it, the roundup as I’ve found in my lurk-a-bout- the internet.  If you have a scoop or any detail to add…hit the comments below and share the love!
Thanks for reading.  Elle2

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