Back when we interviewed Arrow’s David Ramsey at Comic Con about his character, John Diggle, getting a new outfit, or at least a new mask, he confirmed that something new would be coming for Diggle.  (Spoiler alert!)

Personally I like Diggle the way he is, but there’s lots of rumors and fan theories about whether he’ll become a superpowered character (Ramsey said no) or that he’ll becoming another DC comics character, can you talk about any plans this season that will change Diggle a little bit?

Yes, and yes. I can talk about it a little bit and yes he will be changing. There will be changes to Diggle coming very, very soon. It’s no secret that Diggle has needed some concealment since the latter part of season one, and then after he got married clearly and had a child if there’s anyone that needs to protect his identity in the field, it’s Diggle. That’s been no secret and even at the end of season three there’s a little teaser that Oliver put out there that if you’re going to continue to work in the field you’re going to need some concealment. So at the top of season four you’re going to see a very well oiled Team Arrow without Arrow. Diggle’s the de-facto leader that with Black Canary and Speedy and they’re protecting Starling City and they’re all concealed. So you will see something for Diggle.

Today, on their Twitter, the CW revealed the outfit as part of the Arrow premiere promo.  Does he look badass or what?  


Only 34 more days to the premiere!  Excited about this new direction for Diggle?  Excited he’s getting a plot? 

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