It’s upfront week in Canada, and the networks from the North are rolling out their mishmashed and heavy in US programming schedules with as much fan fare as their US counterparts a few weeks ago.  What a better opportunity then to follow through on a challenge I received on Twitter after the US upfronts.  Play network executive!  What would your broadcast schedule look like?

Here’s the scenario.  I’m the President of a new Canadian network and I have a wealth of US programming at my fingertips. Shows from all five major US networks are available to me and are eager to sell their shows across the border.  I even considered dipping into US cable channels, but then my head exploded.  No, five major networks makes it tough enough.  

This is an aggressive network.  No wusses like Fox or The CW.  We program 3 hours per night (yes Saturdays too) and 4 hours on Sunday.  Our core demographic 18-49, although we skew more toward the older end of that spectrum.  We like mature viewers. They’re experienced and can tell crap from the normal stuff.  

Just because it airs on Monday in the US doesn’t mean we can’t schedule it another night.  Also, this is just my bias as a network executive, I don’t care for reality TV.  I don’t give a damn that it’s cheap.  I put reality in this schedule, but it’s Canadian based, just because when it comes to awkward reality, Canadians rule.

One very big rule, shows must only be on the fall or midseason schedule of the five English speaking US broadcast networks  (I was waiting for someone to shout “Univision!” at me).  No putting “Firefly” in there even though it’s cancellation is still really unfair.  That doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to pencil in your own new show (pitch any idea you want), just try to make it appealing to Canadian viewers.  Or moose.  

Oh, and budget schmudget.  What’s money when I can entertain people?  That’s exactly why I’m not a television executive.  

Below are the links to the schedules in case you don’t remember.

The CW

So here goes, the dream schedule!


8:00  Bones

9:00  Castle

10:00 Hawaii Five-0



8:00  NCIS

9:00  Person of Interest

10:00  Chicago Fire



8:00  Grimm

9:00  Supernatural

10:00 Revolution



8:00  The Big Bang Theory

8:30  How I Met Your Mother

9:00  Modern Family

9:30  New Girl

10:00  Parenthood



8:00   The Simpsons

8:30   Family Guy

9:00   Touch

10:00  Nikita


8:00  CSI

9:00  Moose Hunters (New reality show featuring wild and crazy adventures from Saskatchewan)

10:00  Lumberjacks (Because They’re Okay!)



7:00  The Amazing Race…Canadian version!

8:00  The Vampire Diaries

9:00  Once Upon A Time

10:00  Revenge




Don’t Trust the B**** in Apartment 23



So how arbitrary is this schedule?  Very!  I’ll probably look at this schedule tomorrow and go, “What was I drinking?”  So your turn now.  Give it your best shot.  Identify your target demo and begin!  There’s no right or wrong.  Only completely ridiculous. 🙂

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