I’ve been very fortunate now to have interviewed with Nikita’s Executive Producer Craig Silverstein three times.  He’s always given great information each time.  This third time is no exception.  The show is on the bubble and the future uncertain, but that doesn’t seem to be taking Silverstein away from his priorities.  He’s taking it in stride, and focusing on getting through season two before moving onto his big season three pitch to the network.  He promises that he won’t leave fans hanging with a nasty cliffhanger and will deliver a satisfying finale whether they return for another season or not.  He also has a little schedule change suggestion that may or may not make Supernatural fans happy. 

Sablegreen was in the press room with me as well, and luckily her recording of this very informative interview turned out without complications.  I will warn, there are mild spoilers in this interview.  It’s really nothing much major but there’s a couple of hints.  It involves one of my favorite characters on the show, and you’ll find out who that is when you hear me ask the question!  

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