Julie Plec is one of my most favorite people in the world to interview.  I’ve participated in five roundtable interviews with her now, and they’ve all been pure joy. She’s so passionate and lively and brings so much heart and character to her show.  This interview is no different.  

In the 15 minutes we got to talk to her, she talks about the decision to turn Elena into a Vampire (hint, it happened in the books), how the brothers are dealing with Elena’s new status, how Jeremy is dealing with Elena’s new status, how Matt is dealing with Elena’s new status…you get the idea?   No, she also talks about Klaus’ (and Joseph Morgan’s) status, how long the show can keep going, how they approach storytelling, what’s Bonnie’s status, new characters, and why opinionated Twitter feedback affects (or doesn’t) the creative process.

This is the only video interview that I have from The Vampire Diaries press room, and it’s in two parts because my camera battery died shortly into the interview (it was still smoking from the “Revolution” press room I believe).  So there’s a minute missing, but not too much was missed.  I’ll have a summary up of the other interviews at another time.  Oh, and one other thing. 

Spoiler Alert!  

Part One


Part Two


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