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“Revolution” had it’s coming out party at San Diego Comic Con last week, and given the promotion put into it by NBC and Warner Brothers, it left quite an impression.  Outside of the preview screening, panel, and press room, draped along an impressive portion of the Hilton Bayfront was a Revolution “power switch” promo poster, and NBC had a village set across the street in Gaslamp Square Park.  The cast was also interviewed at the Warner Brothers Extra stage.  

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So what is “Revolution” about?  Here’s the recap from our own sweetondean, who got to attend a screening of the Pilot in Sydney:

“Revolution” is about the world post a mysterious event that stopped all the power. Everything, engines, batteries, any kind of power just stopped. Governments fell. Cities burnt. Militia rose. But humanity survived and the stragglers created new communities where they farmed their food and started over. But why did the power fail, is there a way to turn it back on and if there is, how do our heroes stop that information from falling into the wrong hands?
If you watch Kripke’s other baby, “Supernatural,” you’ll recognise some of the themes in “Revolution.” We have a couple of orphaned kids, trying to find a way to stick together, while discovering a new family, as they hit the road, on foot, kicking some butt, on their mission to save the world. There’s action, bow hunting, big fight set pieces, really cool post-apocalyptic cityscapes, AC/DC t-shirt wearing heroes, Dirty Deeds on the radio and the delightful Billy Burke. Thank you Mr Kripke.
The script didn’t have has much humour as I thought it would have, it had a fairly serious tone throughout, but there were a couple of good lines, a particularly good one about Google and some very nice character development. These characters, in particular Billy Burke’s Miles Matherson, felt pretty well rounded as soon as they hit the screen. I found that I was already interested in them by the time the hour ended. Even though this was a pilot with a big premise to explain it never felt clunky. The concept rolled out nicely and definitely left you connected enough with the people and the mystery revealed, to want to see more. 
I really liked the vibe of “Revolution,” it looks and feels like a movie. Maybe that’s because it’s Executive Produced by J.J. Abrams and directed by Jon Favreau, or maybe it’s Eric Kripke’s touch. It had large sweeping shots and a cinematic score. It felt big.

I’d call “Revolution” an adventure more than anything. It was a really enjoyable hour, watch it for sure!

Report: 2012 Warner Brothers Pilot Screening in Sydney

Can you imagine a world without power?  How you would function or survive?  While the premise sounds gloomy, this is anything but a gloomy story.  Eric Kripke put it this way in the “Revolution” press room session.   “It’s an anti-apocalypse story.  It’s not about death, it’s about rebirth, it’s about hope, it’s about rebuilding, it’s about restoration.  There’s a reason I set it about 15 years after the event that caused society to fall.  I really didn’t want a harrowing or depressing show.  I wanted a fun, swashbuckling show about heroes that set out to restore the landscape.”  He referenced Joseph Campbell’s “A Hero’s Journey” as his inspiration behind this story and a driving force behind the show.  

Below are the interviews I had with Emmy nominee Giancarlo Esposito, Tracy Spiridakos, JD Pardo, Executive Producer Eric Kripke, and Billy Burke at the “Revolution” Press Room roundtable session.  The cast talk about their characters, what their world is like for their characters without power, and what sort of preparation they’ve had to put into their roles.  Eric Kripke enthusiastically shares his vision for the show, how it came to be, and what sort of plan he has for this premise (note, no more five year plans).  

Filming began for episode 2 this week in their new home base of Wilmington, NC.  Here’s a fun note for you “Supernatural” fans, Charles Beeson is directing that episode.  For information and pictures of the first day of shooting, go to www.revolution_show.com

“Revolution” premieres on NBC Monday, September 17th at 10 pm.  


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