If you ask me who my favorite character is on Nikita, I’ll tell you it’s Ryan Fletcher.  I just have a thing for the dorky, Dudley Do Right types.  It seems that not only is his character all heart, but so is Noah!  This is the first time he’s been to Comic Con for the show, and the first time I’ve gotten to interview him.  I just loved sitting there, watching him ramble for minutes about the poor plight of Ryan and how his story is so tragic, yet I came out of this somehow with warm fuzzies.  It must be the delivery, I don’t know.  Either way, I’m so glad I got to talk with Noah before the show ends.  

At the end of Craig Silverstein’s interview, Craig drops a comment about how he isn’t sure if Ryan will live or not.  Chances are he said that because he saw Noah coming our way, but that comment shocked me!  I’m one of those hoping for the happy ending for Ryan, and somehow I don’t think death is a happy ending for him.  Who knows, maybe it is!  Anyway, Noah made the good point afterward that they’ve already killed Ryan once, how can they kill him again?  So I guess we’ll just wait and see.  No worries season four spoilerphobes, everything said is pure speculation.  He really doesn’t know what’s going to happen to Ryan.  

I was the only person taking video at the table during this interview, so it’s a one of a kind clip!  


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