I can’t call this an interview.  That would involve straight questions with informative answers.  I think our press table started it though.  We were all having an involved discussion about how “Chuck” might do on Friday night when Vik and Scott sat down.  Vik pointed how they were taking spots at the table while we were “chit chatting” away.  That must of cemented the mindset, because most of this conversation ended up drifting into “chit chat” territory.  It didn’t help the focus when I started with a hat compliment for Vik.  We got a couple of straight answers though in this conversation.  I think.  

What was it like to film the “Eye of The Tiger” video?  That was sensational. 
Krinsky:  I love the costumes that we get to wear.  It’s always dressing up like these characters reminiscent of the music we’re singing.  It’s fun. 
Sahay:  It’s exhausting because there is no hold back in Lester.  And so it’s full on sprint, relentless unleashing…
Like a tiger.
Sahay:  Interesting.  Let’s explore tigers.  Lester is a tiger…  It’s amazing.  At the end of it literally it’s nap time because you’re just spent.  
(Alice)  Jeff and Lester, let’s just say, through the years they’re getting weirder and weirder. 
Sahay:   Okay.
Krinsky:  Thank you.  (laughs).  It’s all relative. I don’t think I’m weird.  
(Alice) It seems offbeat but the fans love it.  Where do you see then going in the end?
Sahay:  Right, great question.  Scott?
Krinsky:  Maybe we’ll learn the cause Jeff’s mental capacity.  Maybe that will be divulged this season. 
(Alice)  Any chance you guys will get into the action this season?
Sahay:  We have our own action.
Krinsky:  We they get into our action.
Sahay:  They have to enter our world.
Are they going to explore that more this season, that there may be something wrong with you (Jeff) this season, stuff he’s not aware of.  
Krinsky:  I don’t know. 
Sahay:  Answer the question.
Krinsky:  We may learn a little bit about Jeff’s origin of his…
Sahay:  Easy, easy, erase, erase…
Krinsky:  He got hit in the head really bad and it’s all been a dream.  I don’t know.
Sahay:  It’s all been Jeff’s dream.
Krinsky:  A really bad acid trip.  
Sahay:  Only Jeff would dream it that somebody else…
Krinsky:  Wouldn’t be sad if Lester wasn’t real to Jeff?
Sahay:  You conjured me.  You conjured me.
Let’s just say that after that a random, overlapping conversation broke out where among other things,  Yoda and Mr. Kazoo were mentioned.  Me thinks it was Scott’s attempt to describe Lester but I can’t be sure.  I won’t go there any further, but it was enough to eat up the rest of our short time with Vik and Scott.  



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