John Barrowman is the most awesome guy ever.  He was THE guy that everyone wanted to speak to in the Arrow press room at San Diego Comic Con.  He’s pretty much a legend at Comic Con (and other circles).  With eight press tables though, there wasn’t enough time to go around to everyone.  Ours was one of the tables that didn’t get to talk to him when everything was wrapping up, so someone at our table quickly asked him for two minutes.  He invited everyone over that hadn’t spoken to him and he stayed to talk with us for ten minutes!  We found out afterward he was supposed to be getting something to eat before his next event, but he chose to speak to us instead.  Not only did we get that time, we also got one of the best, most lively interviews I’ve ever gotten.  The highlight of my whole weekend, and probably one of the biggest of my blogging career.  We all left that room feeling pretty giddy afterward.  I’m still on a fan girl high! 

For those not smitten by John’s charm, you should at least be impressed by his take on his character, Malcolm Merlyn.  His view explains so much as to why he’s such a fascinating and very unique character.  His world view is pretty warped, especially where Oliver and Thea is involved.  Anyway, there are some season three spoilers here, but nothing huge.  Just one very entertaining session. 

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