I know this isn’t true with many TV viewers, but I love interviewing the showrunners of a TV show, often times more than the actors.  For one, these are the guys with the answers.  These are the guys that explain the motivation and thought processes that went into what they did and why certain creative decisions were made.  This is especially the case with Person of Interest’s Greg Plageman and Jonathan Nolan.  Plageman especially was there showing off merchanside, wearing a Person of Interest had and shirt.  

These are two separate interviews.  We talked with Plageman first, and then Nolan.  It took place in the Person of Interest press room at Comic Con on July 20, 2013.  

In these interviews both producers offer a few teasers about the new season, especially on how they work in new cast members Root and Shaw into this complex fold of a spy machine on the loose.  There are also teasers shared about Carter, Elias, and how HR is still a force to be reckoned with.  They also talk about this whole idea of an entity watching us at all times, especially now that it was revealed that a government agency is actually doing that.  



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