Behold, all is right again!  Wonder Woman and the red boots have been reunited.



This picture is making the all the sites today, and as someone whose loudest protest was about the boots, it’s a definite improvement. Here is the tweaked Wonder Woman costume:


I should really tell this story, because I do wonder if this had something to do with the very much welcome changes.

At C2E2 in the Vampire Diaries press room, our table was sitting idle so someone from Warner Brothers publicity came over and asked if we liked the new Wonder Woman costume.  The pictures of the costume were released to the public the day before.  We all sort of squished our faces and didn’t say anything. Finally, someone spoke that she didn’t like the shinyness of the entire outfit.  I made it known I preferred the red boots over the new blue ones and the others just thought it was too dramatic a shift.  The shinyness could be explained, it seems that the way the photo shoot was done, with the white background and lighting, it ended up showing a bit more sheen in the pants than actually existed.  Still, the travesty of the blue boots was noted.  


On a side note, I also said that my husband’s initial reaction was "Where’s the briefs with stars on it?" Apparently, he LOVES the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman. So later in the ballroom, we ran into that publicist.  She personally assured my husband that she got a call from Lynda Carter and she approves of the new Wonder Woman and the new franchise. Not sure if it made him feel better about the new Wonder Woman, but at least we all know now that Warner Brothers are taking concerns seriously! Judging by the tweaks in the costume, I’d say our voices have been heard. 

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