I do remember just a few months ago Chuck Executive Producer Chris Fedak relentlessly teasing us in the press room at C2E2 about Chuck season four ending on a cliffhanger even though there was no word of renewal for season five and the show was sitting uncomfortably on the bubble.  He taunted us for wanting an ending.  He called them no fun.

Well, sorry Mr. Fedak get your “no fun” ending ready.  Either that or I want that Casablanca scene with Zach as Humphrey Bogart and Adam as Claude Rains.  According to some reliable intel from both TV Line and Variety, a 13 episode order for season five is happening. That’s not surprising since just about every season (except for the second I believe which got the full 22) has only been renewed for 13 episodes and then extended.  

Okay, it’s not official until NBC has their upfront presentation May 16th, so I offer my “unofficial” congratulations to the cast, crew, producers, staff, and of course fans of Chuck.  This show keeps defying the odds.  Unleash the Casey!!!


Updated 5/13:  Now it’s being reported that this will be Chuck’s last season.  In other words, Warner Brothers stuck a deal so there could be enough episodes for syndication.  That’s okay, Chuck went far longer than anticipated and at least they’re getting a chance to close it out.  That’s more than most series can say, especially on NBC (cough, Heroes, cough).  

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