Upfront time is so bittersweet for us here at TVFTROU.  A lot of times our featured shows make the cut.  For example, we were very excited to hear that The 100 had earned a season two renewal after capturing our hearts so far in it’s midseason run.  Sadly though, not all of our shows fare so well.

NBC made it official this afternoon, Revolution has been cancelled.  Season three will not be a reality.  While this is very sad news, it’s not that all surprising.  Revolution has only been a marginal performer for NBC and chances of it gaining an audience in its third season were very slim.  Buzz for the show had all but disappeared.  In the end it was the price tag that sunk it.  Revolution was a big budget domestic show that commanded a premium license fee.  NBC renewed marginal performer Hannibal, which is produced cheaper in Canada and comes with a much lower license fee.  Hannibal also came with a lucrative VOD deal for NBC.  The writing was on the wall. 

Revolution had a lot of struggles creativity and while it did drastically improve in season two when Rockne S. O’Bannon, Trey Callway, and Ben Edlund came on board, it just wasn’t enough.  By that time the fans had lost interest, and the Wednesday at 8pm slot for such a gritty show didn’t help either. 

We at TVFTROU were honored to do extensive coverage for Revolution for it’s two seasons, and it will be surely be missed by us.  I want to personally thank Nicole for her wonderful reviews every week and she gets a big virtual hug from me in consolation for this sad news.  The same to Bookdal, who was also a big supporter of this show. 

Share your fondest memories, scenes, episodes of Revolution in the comments below.  Consider this to be our wake, since there is two more episodes left to see before the show is gone.  Let’s send Revolution out in style.  It’s the least we can do.

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