Well, it’s time for me to haul my butt over to Comcast to get myself a new remote control as I haven’t been able to use mine for the last couple weeks.  My television has been stuck on Syfy ever since I turned it to watch some SyFy movie I think during a natural disasters Saturday weekend…or maybe it was ice creatures…I don’t remember.  I just really want to see Chupacabra vs. The Alamo next weekend…But I digress….

The wait for a new episode of Revolution is almost over!

To help us spend our time waiting more wisely, we got a new live action webisode starring David Lyons and Giancarlo Esposito on Monday! Remember guys, El Senior Creator Eric Kripke said these websodes really can’t be missed.  They are important! Okay, I believe the actual words  he used were “they’re not unimportant”.  Which is one of those double negatives that is supposed to equal a positive but actually winds up sounding about as positive as a “back handed” compliment…That is to say, that it isn’t UNimportant, but he isn’t actually saying it IS important, is he?  I take it to mean that you will probably enjoy the actual Revolution episodes even without these webisodes…They serve to enhance knowledge you really already have…And ask a few more questions along the way…but more about that later…
I had pretty much given up on seeing Bass again in these, but there he was!  How often do television producers (or, well, men) do that? Just when you begin to feel resigned about something, figuring well, I would never be so fortunate for BLAH to happen, and then surprise–we fooled you!  You gave up and you shouldn’t have!  That makes me feel positive about Bass redemption.  Yes, you’re right, almost everything makes me feel positive about possible Bass redemption, but the fact that we saw him again, I was one happy girl…

Neville has finished his investigation and has the definitive list of who his claims investigator skills told him were involved in the assassination attempt on General Monroe.  Only the one soldier that we saw in Part 3, Private Rhen (Wren? Ren? alright, I’m guessing), was caught. The rest had fled the city.  Neville is ready, willing and able to get together a regiment to go after them…but Monroe seems much more interested in knowing Miles’ motivations for going against him than finding the other people involved…

There was actually a lot going on in this little webisode. It was around three minutes, but quite a bit happened. First off, there were actually two little scenes instead of the one.  We had the scene in Monroe’s office, when Neville provides Monroe with the details of his investigation, and then a second scene in the basement dungeon of Independence Hall.

Several things struck me about the first scene in Monroe’s office.  Monroe really doesn’t seem that surprised that Neville wasn’t able to capture many of the conspirators (see how I automatically take to the whole Miles acting like Brutus idea? And that makes me think of a line in The Dark Knight–”You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”).  If we think about it, though, Monroe has never underestimated Miles’ abilities, or his intelligence.  Monroe only seems to overestimate Miles, and Miles’ sense of loyalty. Monroe genuinely seems puzzled as to why Miles would turn against him.  Kripke has promised that we would learn what turned Miles and Monroe against each other, but I’m curious as to how that is going to fit into what we have already seen of the two.  Miles said it was “all the killing” that is why he tried to kill Bass, but it appears from what we know so far that Miles may have taught Bass everything he knew about torture and interrogation.  We know that the only thing Ben said to Aaron about his brother was that Miles was “good at killing things”, and Bass seems genuinely puzzled by Miles’ betrayal…So what is going on here???

I found the conversation itself that Monroe and Neville had very interesting.  You know that they were sizing each other up.  I found it a little odd that Neville doesn’t seem very skilled at lying, only skilled in sensing when other people are lying. I’m thinking this is one of those personality things.  Very interesting play that Revolution has been doing.  Our heroes lie, manipulate and betray and our bad guys are forward, and do what they do out of love, loyalty and honor.  Or so it seems thus far.  Look at how we have learned how manipulative Miles can be?  Rachel has outright deceived and lied.  Nora is a terrorist.  The rebel she worked with was willing to stab her to get the bomb to go through–meaning they’re devious enough to be able to take out one of their own…meanwhile, in the “evil” camp you have a man who went off on a quest he cared nothing about to be there for his best friend who he saw as his only family and loved like a brother and even after this best friend tried to kill him, he would not take him out, and another man who joined the militia to keep his family safe, and will do anything for that family…

But back to Neville’s personality–It seems that if Neville had mistrusted Monroe’s intentions, he would have looked under Independence Hall before meeting Monroe, before Monroe was made aware that he was back.  I feel like something in that meeting gave Neville pause.  For some reason, after he got out of that meeting he decided to check Private Rhen’s story. It doesn’t seem like he could see into one of the rooms, but the other room we know held a woman. Neville mentions this right before he is put to knife edge for being down there…

My guess is that the “woman” is Rachel Matheson.  I wondered when she was moved up to the cushy pad she had when we first saw her.  We still don’t know when, but we know she was down there.  Who had her down there?  Monroe?  Miles?  Did Miles just leave her down there?  From the way Neville read things, it looked like Miles turned against Monroe because of this crazy idea he had to turn the power on.


Ahem.  Anyway, I still don’t see where Monroe collecting things and trying to find a way to turn the power back on, shows his insanity.  He was right.  And even more importantly, THEY HAD THE PERSON WHO CAUSED IT TO HAPPEN.  Just…what?
Maybe Neville sensed that there was something to Private Rhen’s assertions that Monroe was trying to turn back on the power, but would he have stayed these past four years after finding this stuff out about Monroe if he thought Monroe was crazy?  I feel like maybe Neville sensed that Monroe was lying about his intentions, that there was something to this desire to turn the power back on, but maybe he also sensed that Monroe is NOT insane.    Maybe Neville sensed that Monroe believes he can turn the power back on and, more than that, maybe that Monroe even has an idea as to how to do it…I guess another possibility could be that Neville does believe that Monroe is a couple fries short of a Happy Meal but knows how powerful Monroe is and if Miles couldn’t succeed, no one else could…

I personally have a very difficult time believing that Neville would just stay loyal to a man he believed was coo coo for cocoa puffs….
We got left all up in the air with the ending, and I thought this was it for the live action webisodes!  Well, what happens next?  Does dude who is the actual show stunt coordinator as well as who was leading the men against Miles in the Pilot episode chill once he sees it is Neville?  What is Neville told about the woman (who I believe is Rachel?)  Is this why Monroe gives Rachel the posh pad?  Does he move her up once he is certain that the conspirators are all gone?  And why is Miles so surprised Rachel is still alive when he sees her?  Did he think Bass kept Rachel in the cell?  But that would mean Miles knew she was down there!  Why did Miles just LEAVE her down there?  If he had all these connections, couldn’t he have freed her?  And shouldn’t he have freed her first incase things didn’t go according to plan???  

Well, one thing is for sure, this web series has begged that I ask more questions than have been answered.  Like why is everyone believing it is crazy to turn the power on?  When did Monroe first get the inkling that there was a way to do it?  My little mischievous mind wonders if it was Rachel planting a seed to make Bass sound crazy and start the ball rolling.  I could see her doing that…
But enough with people playing with Bass’s mind.  I really want to see some play with the man…Why must Miles get all the women?  Are they somehow managing not to look at David?

I think the webisodes were well done well acted, well put together…the content was actually better than I expected considering they aren’t going to want to give too much away, or put so much information in as make understanding the actual show difficult for the people who wouldn’t or couldn’t watch the webisodes.
What did I think wasn’t done so well? I guess that depends on their intent.  If they meant to make Monroe look more evil and all kinds of guano crazy, they failed miserably.  If they meant for us to feel more empathy for Monroe and how alone he really was in what was going on, as well as see the extremity of Miles’ betrayal, party on, they rocked it.
Let me know what you thought of the webisode!  I’m very excited about Revolution coming back next week.  I’ll be writing up reviews for the episodes, so keep checking the site.  Thanks for reading!
If you want to watch the webisode one more time, here you go!


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