WHOA!!  I’ve always been partial to Elijah, but now that it’s been established that he is the real original to fear, I’m all his.  Who can’t resist a man that takes charge like that? 

In “Fruit of the Poisoned Tree,” we got to see the big difference between Klaus and Elijah, and it’s an eye opener!  Klaus has always been ruthless and quite the hot head, and won’t stop in his brutality until he gets what he wants.  Elijah has always been calmly rational.  He believes in keeping his word and expects others to do the same.  Even he has limits though and when you push that one hot button, threatening his family, suddenly Elijah is ten times more fearsome and brutal than Klaus.  It’s both very scary and freakishly awesome!   

No doubt about it, this episode was a busy one.  There were a crap load of character dynamics and scheming, not to mention some very satisfying results.  Even the beginning was interesting.  Klaus and Elijah were in the living room calmly reading, not speaking a word to each other.  Klaus was reciting in his mind “A Poison Tree” by William Blake, a poem showing a man whose repressed feelings of anger lead him to murder.  The fruit from the tree is meant to symbolize the fall of man.  So, who knew that when Klaus connected with that poem, it would be more in parallel with Elijah’s story this episode, not his own. 

I was also really amused with the opening scene because it also symbolized this family.  Klaus and Elijah at odds over something, neither backing down, while Rebekah steps in and cleans up the mess.  This time the mess was from a female victim sprawled out on the coffee table bleeding all over.  She was a peace offering from Klaus to Elijah that Elijah didn’t want, so Klaus helped himself.  I found the whole setup both amusing and telling, and even laughed during the part in the kitchen when Rebekah was dragging the body out during Elijah and Hayley’s conversation.  I enjoy when shows are clever like this with the audience.

Elijah, once he was done having his showdown with Klaus, immediately took charge of the situation with the witches that he talked about with everyone last week, causing Klaus to exclaim, “Who put him in charge?” (before he went along with his brother’s wishes anyway.)  Sounds like the typical younger sibling rebellion, no?  Elijah declared that all bets are off with Sophie Deveraux.  She led them there on false pretenses so any arrangements with her are null and void.  It’s interesting how much Elijah values honesty, perhaps because it keeps him connected to his human side.  Those that are dishonest to him will be punished.  However, his declaration about Sophie was a slap on the wrist as she was injected with a potion that causes miscarriages by the very wicked elder, and the last surviving one, Agnes.  Considering Sophie linked herself to Hayley, this became a direct attack on Klaus’ unborn child.  A child that Elijah has always been more determined to protect that Klaus.

As we have learned before, Elijah delivers on his promises.  He fulfills one to Davina, bringing a spell from his mother’s Grimoire.  It’s an unlinking spell, and if she does this, there will be plenty more pages for him to share.  Elijah and Davina have indeed formed a very interesting bond, and a real endearing appreciation for one another.  Davina was very happy to see Elijah and didn’t want to disappoint, while Elijah had faith that Davina would come through, even when things looked dark for Hayley.  No doubt some of that repressed anger within Elijah stems from the wrongs the witches did against Davina, not unlike Klaus’ anger on Cami’s behalf for her brother. 

Speaking of Cami, Klaus’ compelling her to forget all that pain about her brother, it’s really starting to drive her crazy.  She wants to feel that pain, anger and grief inside, she needs to desperately.  It’s how humans are supposed to feel and it’s her connection to him.  She confesses all this to her uncle, who honestly believed that she was done a favor.  It was good to finally see Cami connect with her uncle this week and those two seem to have a comfortable, open relationship.  It’s nice to see families that don’t fight for once! 

Father Kiernan was rather busy himself when Klaus came to visit him and the council of leaders formed to keep order in New Orleans.  Klaus wanted them to find Agnes and had some pretty darned good motivation too, letting the Father know that Agnes was the one that put the curse on his nephew to kill all those priests in the seminary.  He complied rather easily, holding back on his burning desire to kill the bitch because Klaus needed something first.  When the incriminating evidence (the needle) was found and Agnes couldn’t stop the spell once it started, well, she pretty much sealed her death order. 

But wait, first the whole drama over Hayley had to play out.  Her fever skyrocketed and Elijah carried her into the pool, doing everything he could to get her to hold on until Davina lifted the link.  Which she eventually did, and it was totally awesome.  For a young, unstable teen witch, once Davina focused on the task at hand, she came through.  No wonder both Elijah and Marcel see something extraordinary in her and want to protect her.  She’s grown on me, that’s for sure.   

To complicate matters, Marcel went snooping around when he found out the originals weren’t staying at the Palace Royale.  He even sought advice with the dude he staked and bricked in the dungeon wall a few weeks ago.  His trusted advisor and friend, who’s still there because he had to set an example.  What a pal, Marcel (another sign this dude is going down).  Speaking of Rebekah, the girl just can’t catch a break.  Elijah granted her freedom, but will she be able to stay away? (the answer is obviously no considering she’s a cast member).  She doesn’t care about this power play that Klaus has gotten into as was disappointed to find Elijah would remain to be a part of it too.  Rebekah has always suffered from being lonely, and her loneliness again this week clouded her actions.  She found herself back in Marcel’s arms, even hoping that he would give up his little empire to be with her.  He refused and she stormed off, warning him that the lust for power would only be his downfall.  Perhaps she sees that of her brothers as well and doesn’t want to be around to see that happen.

I’m sure just about everyone caught when Elijah swore to Sophie that Klaus wouldn’t kill Agnes, it meant he would do something.  The scene in the church couldn’t have been more perfect.  One of the best damn moments I’ve seen on any show this season.  Elijah calmly walked into that church, commanding Klaus not to harm Agnes because he gave his word.  Since he granted Klaus forgiveness he should honor his word.  As Klaus backed off in respect of his older brother, Elijah presented the caveat, he never promised he wouldn’t kill her.  Elijah quickly went to town pulling the hearts out of Agnes’ three minions before brutally snapping her neck…and enjoying it!  I’m not sure what was more priceless, Elijah’s statement that no one messes with his family or Klaus’ very satisfied smile after his brother walked away.  Brilliant!

Too bad Marcel wasn’t there to see all that, because he’s next on Elijah’s list.  Marcel followed Klaus’ compelled lackey to the house, which we know to be the house where Marcel was a slave, and went there when Hayley was all alone.  It ends when Elijah and Klaus find Hayley missing, and Klaus knew Marcel was there.  If you thought Klaus was your enemy Marcel, just wait until you get the wrath of Elijah!  Of course this means that since Elijah has killed the only remaining elder, someone else is going to have to step forward and complete the Harvest.  I can’t imagine it wouldn’t be Sophie.  She’s the only one left.  So, if Elijah now has to handle things on the vampire front, what will happen on the witch front?  Will he be able to protect both Hayley and Davina?  Obviously, this means that Rebekah will have to come back.  Of course, a wolf was following Hayley too, so maybe there’s even a pack of werewolves to contend with as well. 
There’s plenty of thinky-thought moments and parallels to come out of this episode and I’m grateful.  I’ve got a lot to consider before next week.  Every week I get sucked in more and more, and I’m dying to see what happens when Elijah goes after Marcel and deals with the ramifications of his actions in the church.  Klaus no doubt will be in the middle of it all too, running his own scheme that may or may not go toward his brother’s wishes.  Probably will.  Given Marcel’s words that he was no longer interested in Cami, that opens the door too for Klaus to spend more time with her.  Will he simmer down and try to make peace with her after she went off and threatened Klaus for his revenge against Agnes and taking away her feelings about her brother?  Yeah, probably.  Klaus gets lonely too. 

Next week, a special guest that we all know and love (hint, it supports a werewolf theory).  Klaus will definitely have his hands full. 

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