If you have not seen the most recent episode, “Golem,” then be prepared for spoilers.

A Review, in Brief:

Dear Reader,

I must again alert you to the exploits of our daring duo, Ichabod and Abigail. Just this week they were seen searching for evidence of what happened to Ichabod’s son. And oh what mischief awaited them. I fear they are playing with wicked and devilish forces these days.

Rumor has it that Mr. Crane invited one Henry Parrish to town. Mr. Parrish is not from our village, so little is known of him, but I hear he is intimately linked to the dark arts and is called a “Sin Eater.” Oh reader, what darkness befalls us now as the preternatural world comes fully into our lives! One Mr. Parrish is said to have allowed Mr. Crane to travel to a dream state that is believed to be Purgatory in order to see his dearly beloved wife, the witch Katrina. I believe it was at this time that Ichabod learned the name of his son – Jeremy. Some say Ichabod’s dream was full of sinister symbols, such as eyeless dolls and empty baby carriages.

Mr. Parrish remained longer than was planned as he was to assist Mr. Crane and Ms. Mills in the quest for what was a frightening monster that plagued us, having come from the past and escaped into the present, wreaking havoc. A Golem! A golem, from what I’ve been told, is a horrifying creature made of clay and dark forces brought into being to protect the young Jeremy Crane, who Katrina abandoned for fear of him being discovered and killed. It is a sad story, ripe with all the angst of a 19th century novel – an orphaned child, a torturous orphanage.  The golem protected Jeremy, but at the costs of many lives. I fear that child is the price for too many lives. His mother has much to answer for.

From what I can gather, the golem was designed to protect Jeremy from Katrina’s coven, a sisterhood headed by a group of witches with gnarled teeth and one voice, so terrifying that I must confess to feeling myself faint at their visage. The golem, with no eyes or mouth, set upon them at the most terrific and appropriate of places, a carnival, where he brought about the prophecy of their deaths. And even though Ichabod showed empathy and sympathy towards the monster, he killed that creature with the blood of his own body, finally bringing an end to its terror.

Though Mr. Parrish has left, I do think we shall hear of him again. He seems to be very important to understanding Ichabod’s mission. Oh and dear reader, I fear that mission may be dark and sinister and may endanger Ms. Mills! There is talk of visions of Moloch crashing through the veil!

In other news, I believe we are finding our new police Captain to be an intriguing man, filled with his own mysterious history. It has been said he visited a church and was inquiring about the sacred book. I hope he is a good and honorable man for he seems a good and honorable father.

Until our next missive, reader.

With loving regard,



I absolutely loved this episode! Written by Jose Molina, who is a favorite of mine, the episode took the myth of the golem and effectively incorporated it into Katrina’s and Ichabod’s backstory. I’m very curious to know if Jeremy is really dead or if he too will emerge later as something else. The chemistry between Beharie and Mison is only intensified by the presence of John Noble. I admit my prejudice. I love John Noble in anything. He adds a great depth to a show – what a wonderful actor.

I am more and more convinced that Katrina is a problematic character – if she does make it back from Purgatory into this reality then I’m not sure that’s a good thing. I know Ichabod loves her but she has a lot of sins that may too big a meal to eat, if you know what I mean?

The confrontation with the coven was creepy and continues to make this show the creepiest show on network television. The art direction and overall direction on this show seems to be spot on each week. It’s an artistic rendering of the story that should get as many kudos as the story does, at least in my opinion. The carnival sequence, the golem, and the scenes with Katrina were so well done and crafted that it is the most cinematic look I’ve seen on a show in a long time.

I have to admit – I want to kick Moloch’s ass or more aptly, I want Ichabod to kill him. But now that we know Abbie is the goal or Abbie’s soul is the goal, that gives the mythology a whole new dimension and more questions about why her and what her place really is in this narrative? I’m interested to find out.

Finally a shout out to Orlando Jones, who is not only the coolest fan in Sleepy Hollow fandom right now, but his work as Irving is so human and presents the audience point of view very well. A health skepticism in a rather ludicrous world.

I’m looking forward to next year’s episodes. How about you?


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