Season premiere week continues and this is a very big one for us at TVFTROU.  Person of Interest is back!  Season Four kicks off tonight and the circumstances just keep getting worse for Finch, Reese, Shaw and Root.

As we last left our gang, thanks to Samaritan going online, Root and her geek squad managed to secure a virtual shield for everyone by tampering with Samaritan’s servers and giving them new identities.  Everyone went off on their own in the end.  Even Bear the Dog was in the wind!  Michael Emerson (Finch) explained it this way to us at Comic Con in July:

“It picks up by way of a kind of a new beginning I’d say.  The life we knew and the methods we employed previously have been all blown out of the water because of the presence of Samaritan.  It’s a time for regrouping, for new identities, false identities, not always being a good fit, being cause for humor, in some cases, and the whole season will be about the mad scramble to get back in the act.  To start hopefully getting numbers again and living up to our original agenda with a new more grave second agenda about what are we to do about a bad AI that’s consolidating power and hunting for it’s enemies.”

Executive Producer Greg Plageman had his own direct summary about season four.  “Privacy is an issue we dealt with the first three seasons of the show.  Privacy’s dead.  Moving on.  Season four is about artificial intelligence.  It’s about the race to get it.”

Panopitcon, the title of episode 4.01, by definition is a type of instituitional building where the design has a single watchman observing the inmates without them being able to tell if they’re being watched or not.  Greg Plageman acknowledges that this creates a very uncomfortable situation for the characters.  The question becomes, how do you got against something that’s watching and listening all the time?  How do you communicate?  How do these guys get together again?  Even do anything about it.  Even if the machine were still kicking out irrelevant numbers today what can they do about it.  To act is to endanger themselves.” 

Jim Caviezel knows this situation has a big effect on Mr. Reese.  “As a character he was in a very dark place anyway.  It was his one way of saving lives.  It was never trust in the machine, he built that, but the idea of going up against a evil or a bully, he’s a bully killer by nature, that’s what he does.  But he killed for the bully and was used by his own machine in a way where killing without conscience, here’s the relevant missions, forget about these people, and at that cost it didn’t work for him.  Finch gave him this opportunity to be there in time and now he can’t be there in time.  Now he’s got the conflict in these first few episodes, it’s do we expose our covers to save this one particular number and compromise the entire mission?”

“That’s where our show lives and breathes, grey area,” said Plageman, and season four is taking those boundaries to dangerous new levels.  Who suffers, and who is even aware of what happens when two powerful machines collide?  A good AI vs. a bad AI?  Is it the machine, or the people behind the machine that control the outcomes?  Who’s really in control?  “Mr. Finch is now wondering about his creation,” said Emerson.  “He did his best to make it a trustworthy thing and a thing that would not abuse and would not be abused and yet you can’t plan for every contingency.” 

With no clear battleground and no known way to fight, the intracacies should make for some very exciting stories to come.  This show seems to each season re-invent itself, and season four looks like the boldest yet. 

The tone is well set in this exciting new promo courtesy of CBS.

And here’s a preview clip. It’s Fusco! He’s the only one that gets to keep his life.  Kevin Chapman said that Fusco gets a new partner this season.

We also have 11 promo photos for episode 4.01, courtesy of CBS.

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Did you miss our Comic Con interviews with the cast and producer Greg Plageman?  They can be found below in their entirety.

Be sure to come here after the episode and let us know what you think! 

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