Hello Supernatural fans, welcome to our site!  As long as our sister site, The Winchester Family Business, is out of commission, we will be your resource for Supernatural news, reviews, and previews.  Up first, the ever crucial season premiere pictures!  

For anyone that’s seen the two promos and the season nine preview that have come out recently (all of which are on our TVFTROU Youtube channel on our Supernatural playlist) the cat’s out of the bag that Sam is dying in a hospital.  Not too much of a stretch given his condition at the end of the finale.  The issue is, Dean isn’t taking this lying down.  He’s got a plan, and it looks like a desperate one. 

Also, raise your hand if you’re as excited as I am to have Tahmoh Penikett back on your TV!  Yay, he finally made it to Supernatural.  I’m dying to know what kind of angel he is.  

Here are the photos for your speculation and enjoyment!   They are all courtesy of The CW. 

{AG thumbWidth=”200″ thumbHeight=”120″ thumbAutoSize=”width” arrange=”name” backgroundColor=”ffffff” foregroundColor=”808080″ highliteColor=”fea804″ frame_width=”500″ frame_height=”360″ newImageTag=”0″ newImageTag_days=”7″ paginUse=”1″ paginImagesPerGallery=”99″ albumUse=”1″ showSignature=”0″ plainTextCaptions=”0″ template=”classic” popupEngine=”pirobox”}Supernatural/9.01{/AG}

Feel free to speculate!  Open discussion of spoilers is permitted on this thread.  After all, we’ve got a few more weeks before October 8th.  

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