No, not Shane West and Maggie Q.  They were already announced!  I just got some very exciting news from Warner Brothers.  Just added to the Nikita panel at Comic-Con, to take place on Thursday July 12 at 6:00 to 7:00 in room 6BCF, are cast members Aaron Stanford (Birkhoff) and Melinda Clarke(Amanda)!  Those sound like ideal additions to the panel, especially when their characters were so heavily discussed at prior panels like the one at C2E2.  Here is the full official lineup now:

Maggie Q
Shane West
Lyndsy Fonseca
Aaron Stanford
Melinda Clarke
EP Craig Silverstein

Speaking of NIkita, tomorrow the special Comic-Con Edition of TV Guide hits newsstands.  There is a very nice spread on Nikita in there.  The six page section contains the following:

“Spies Like Us” by John Sellers – A really cute interview with Maggie Q and Shane West.  
“Intelcore” by John Sellers – A look at all the supporting players in this Nikita universe.  
“Burning Questions” by John Sellers – An interview with some teasers (light teasers) about season three with Executive Producer Craig Silverstein. 

As a bit of an incentive to go out and get the magazine, I’ll share a couple of fun little items. 

–  Let’s just cut to the chase.  Following through on his promise at C2E2, now that season 3 is a reality, Craig Silverstein is saying there will be more sex.  “You know why the ‘Bourne’ movies don’te have a lot of sex?  They’re on the run.  Now that [our couples] are not on the run but rather on the chase, they’re going to have time for sex, frankly.”  

Even Maggie and Shane were told “Executive Producer Craig Silverstein says there’s going to be more sex in Season 3–FYI.  Shane:  All right!  Maggie:  That’s really funny.  

So, who are the possible pairings?  There’s Mikita (yes, that’s even talked about in Maggie and Shane’s interview), Alex and Sean, and oh yes, Birkhoff will continue to get more action with Sonya.  

–  For those of you that had ANY doubts, Percy is dead.  It’s for real.  Although, if you’re hanging onto the delusion he isn’t and is really a robot, or if you’re thinking Amanda is a robot,  Craig Silverstein offered this wank for you, “They’re all robots, but I’m trying not to spoil that.”  

No, Silverstein offered this finality to keep in mind for future deaths.  “We’re not The Vampire Diaries and I guess we’re not Fringe, either, you know?  When people die on our show, they really die.”

–  Okay, there is one little spoiler (DON’T READ FURTHER IF YOU REALLY DON’T WANT TO KNOW although it’s not huge).  Amanda is out for revenge, which isn’t a stretch since we knew that, but there will apparently be a “sea of baddies surrounding Nikita and the gang as they take charge of Division.”  “Basically, what you’re going to find is an entire world of a-holes.”  

As I mentioned before, the panel is Thursday, moderated by the most wonderful Laura Prudom of the Huffington Post.  I’ll be there in the press room talking with the cast to get all the latest, or at least work out more details on this sex and robots thing.  Should be interesting!  Stay tuned right here for all the info.


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