TV Line has confirmed what has been stewing ever since Jim Beaver met with Eric Kripke in season one about a possible role in Revolution.  He’s secured a guest role in season two!  

Jim will be playing a Texas Ranger, which will be kind of nice since the show setting is moving to Texas (as well as the shooting location).  The episode will air in October, and is called “One Riot, One Ranger.”   

The best part though, it’ll be the very first episode penned by new Consulting Producer Ben Edlund!  Considering both Jim Beaver and Ben Edlund had a very long tenure (and history together) on Supernatural, this is a very exciting reunion.  

Welcome to Revolution Jim Beaver!  Let’s hope this trend continues of actors whose characters are dead on Supernatural get to  appear on Revolution and…their new characters probably die too There’s plenty in the dead pool that could stock this show for years.

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