During the Revolution press conference at Comic Con, our table had a healthy amount of time to chat with both new Revolution producers Rockne S. O’Bannon and Ben Edlund.  Both had plenty to share what they are bringing to their new shows and how season two is going to be much different from the first.  

In this interview with Rockne S. O’Bannon, he gives away a few things about season two.  He gives away the cliffhanger and then tries to backoff, but it’s not bad because when we talked to Eric Kripke later he gave away everything.  


This Ben Edlund interview is in two parts, because my camera died two minutes into the interview and I had to pull out the backup camera.  I do apologize for the sound quality, but it got really loud when we were talking to him.  I just love Ben.  His “Edlundisms” are in full swing here.  The first video starts with me delivering a message from both the Supernatural and Revolution fandoms.  His answer was one of the highlights of my day!  



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