I absolutely love talking with Eric Kripke.  I’ve interviewed him several times, especially during his Supernatural days.  If you’re apprehensive about events of a TV show, Kripke makes it all seem better.  His enthusiasm is infectious!

This is easily one of my favorite interviews that I got from Comic Con (and I’ll be sharing plenty more here soon).  I’ve got to warn though, Kripke gives away the farm here.  He actually tells you the outcome of the season ending cliffhanger.  If you have doubts though about season two and aren’t spoilerphobic, just listening to Kripke will put your mind at rest and get you very excited about what’s to come.  

The final question is mine, the one about Miles and Bass.  It’s a very funny answer!  I asked that with our most awesome Revolution reviewer Nicole in mind, who’s all about Miles and Bass if you haven’t noticed.  I hope she’ll be happy with the answer. 

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