Person of Interest was one of the many shows being profiled at San Diego Comic Con on Saturday, July 20th.  They were there to talk about their explosive third season to come, where it’s a whole new playing field for everyone.  When we got to our interviews in the Person of Interest press room though, no one was really spilling big secrets about what’s to come.  It was just a nice chance to talk about the show and it’s ever growing mythology now that a giant mobile machine is calling the shots.  

This is my roundtable interview with lead actors Michael Emerson (Finch) and Jim Caviezel (Reese).  Yes, that’s the second year in a row Jim Caviezel gave a shout out to my Simpsons t-shirt.  I also got to ask a burning question of elle2’s, what is it like prepping for scenes with Bear!  After all, he’s practically a rock star now.  


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