I’ve got to say, I’m pretty proud of Jason Rothenburg right now.  No doubt, he’s had a really rough year.  Season three had some controverial decisions, and the very vocal fanbase turned on him for those choices.  He’s already lived through the whole “Clexa-gate,” aka the creative choice to kill Lexa in a less than spectacular fashion after consumating her relationship with Clarke. In this interview, a reporter at our table had a bone to pick about season three in general, and her #1 topic was the downward spiral of Bellamy.  Rothenburg spent a lot of time during this session explaining the reasoning behind Bellamy’s direction.  I’ve certainly been critical of that choice in my reviews, even though I defended “Clexa.”  After listening though to his defense, I can say I’m satisfied with his answers regarding Bellamy.  He did admit that perhaps the horrific choices that Bellamy made were a little rushed, and also conceeded to the overall darkness of the season, aka not giving the team enough wins and taking away the comic relief of Jasper and Monty.  All in all, I came away from this session much happier, and now I’m ready to see what he has in store for season four.  

Oh right…SPOILER ALERT!  He does share some interesting bits about season four too, more than anyone else.  He seems to know the plan, and it sounds like it’s going to be a heart clencher.  

I’ll let you 100 fans decide though, are you satisified with what was said here?  Does this strengthen your confience about season four?

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