This is one of my favorite interviews from the entire weekend.  For one, it was my first time meeting Richard Harmon (John Murphy), and he is the polar opposite of his dark character on The 100.  He was the sweetest, polite, funniest person to those of us at the table, even starting the whole thing by walking around the table and shaking our hands.  He talked about Murphy in season three, who out of all the characters had the biggest and most significant growth.  Not bad for his first season as a series regular!  

Eventually, Henry Ian Cusick (Marcus Kane) came to our table, taking a seat before Richard even finished.  They ended up talking with each other for a bit, and it does make you ponder, just how many scenes has Kane and Murphy had together?  It can be counted on one finger I believe.  They seem to get along great off screen though.  Richard then said his goodbyes and we got a really great interview with Henry too.  The only other time I interviewed him was the very first The 100 press room four years ago, and he was so shy and soft spoken! (But man did he look good).  This time, he was confident, laughing and joking with us, still looking great and answering with great poise some tough questions about plots that were well beyond his control (I agree Henry, there is way more to this show than Clexa!).  

This was kind of a dream interview for me, since Murphy and Kane are two of my favorite characters.  I spent a lot of time focusing on them in my reviews this season!  Henry especially wows me with that Scottish accent of his.  I so wish he used it on this show like he did Lost!  Ah well, I digress from my fan girl musings.  I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I do.

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