I have to admit, I’m pretty impressed we had to wait unitl the third week of the TV season to get the first cancellation.  Perhaps the networks are showing some patience after all.  The winning network in this 2012 – 2013 season, CBS!! 

Made in Jersey, a show that was doomed the second it was given a premiere date on a Friday night death slot, is gone after two episodes.  I actually have never seen the show and even had to look up the abysmal ratings, since CBS usually doesn’t cancel early unless the total number of viewers have no pulse and even that’s a stretch.  Still, a .8 in the 18-49 demo doesn’t exact bode well for a number one network.  Hell, the CW’s Supernatural got that rating last week.  Hmm, so I guess if Made in Jersey was on the CW, it would be tied for first place!  Yeah, I don’t think that wins favors at CBS. 

In the meantime, CSI NY moves to it’s rightful spot of 9pm,  NCIS and Hawaii Five-0 repeats will cover the slot until Undercover Boss can come back on November 2nd. 

What do you have down for the next cancellation?  Considering that the premieres of Community and Whitney were postponed for Friday, I’m jumping on the "replacing struggling comedies" train.  I say Guys With Kids goes first, with Animal Practice not far behind. 

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