Beware, spoilers below based on the sneak peeks

Thanks goodness Grimm returns today!  In anticipation of the show’s return, NBC has granted us the joy of several sneak peeks and previews.  Granted there is no context as to in what order these peeks are or exactly where positioned in the episode, but the first one in order is tightly written as it rapidly touches upon all the cliffhangers, and all the main characters in just under two minutes – and, of course, the wonderful Rosalee already has a hint as to what to do next.

The next clip is very short, and interrupted at the end – likely to keep the suspense, but it shows Wu getting closer and closer to Nick’s ‘other identity.’  As much as I love the character, I hope they keep him outside the loop for a long time.  Like Fusco on Person of Interest, there isn’t much to gain by bringing him into the loop and he helps ground the show in the two worlds in which it exists.

This clip gives us an update at the hospital regarding the Captain as well as puts Wu and Hank in an interesting conversation as Hank balances his knowledge of the Wesenworld against the need to keep Wu out of the loop.  Hank, of all the characters,has the greatest struggle with this because he can see both sides of the situation.  I like the potential tension this could lead to with the characters own identity issues.

Spoiler TV has released two other clips as well:

NBC has also released two other previews:

They’ve also released a featurette called “Royals:  The New Chapter”

Plus here’s a bonus clip that NBC has released a web extra titled, “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”

For me, the writing seems tight and confident.  At the beginning of the fourth season, the writers should know who the characters are – and now with a lucrative syndication deal in place, they should also have the confidence to know that their show has a good future, and thus they can really put some arcs in place and move forward with intent.

Are you happy Grimm is returning?  I am.  I’ll be reviewing it weekly – even as I missed the last four episodes last season.  I blame it on the puppy, now almost a year old (poor puppy getting the blame.)  Trubel, Juliette, Rosalee, Monroe, Hank, Adalind, Nick, the Captain, Wu and more…bring it on, Grimm.

Thanks for reading, Elle2

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