Nick is back, and better than ever! 

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode – well, aside from the people getting killed and all as a sacrifice, just because human sacrifice (or animal) is just icky, but, aside from that, this was a great episode that moved several storylines ahead while one, Wu, is at a standstill. 

I know some hated the whole Nick losing his Grimm powers, but I enjoyed it.  It went on just long enough for him and Juliette to realize that what they had lost was greater than what they were hoping to gain.  Since Nick so readily accepted his role at the outset, and Juliette, once she was clued in, jumped in with both feet, it just makes sense that there’s a moment for these two individuals to step back and say, really?  Is this what our lives are?  These first few episodes were that time.  Granted, we didn’t see deep reflective conversations, but we did get little glimpses where both discussed perhaps losing his abilities was best, but then, the realization that it meant their friends were in danger, and they had no such ability to walk away, well, that’s when it all came down to making the decision.  Sometimes you have to decide. 

Three shows that I watch this year are all about making a decision:  Supernatural is focusing on its characters coming to grips with who or what they are and Person of Interest is also about making decisions regarding who or what you are going to be – most notably this past week’s episode when Elias told John and Harold that sometimes a war finds you.  What’s implied there is that you may not be looking for the war, but it finds you anyway, and you’d best already know what you’re going to do when that moment happens.  (Tragically, yet perfectly, illustrated through the character Anthony, a/k/a Scarface, who had long ago decided he would die for Elias; and then he did.)

So Nick is back, Trubel remains and Josh has arrived.  Are there now three Grimms in Portland with the arrival of Josh?  If his father was a Grimm, and now dead, doesn’t the mantle pass to Josh?  I have no idea, but if there are three Grimms in Portland, there is some serious stuff going to go down.  A concentration of that sort of power will no doubt bring Wesen, Royals and who knows who/what else to town — should be fun.

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As I watched Adalind and Viktor talk about all that occurred since baby Diana was born I was not surprised to see the pieces of the puzzle come together so quickly regarding Kelly Burkhardt’s role.  After all, Viktor is an intelligent man, as Adalind is an intelligent woman, so with Kelly’s name coming up time and time again, and Viktor’s revelation that he didn’t have the baby, well, it just makes sense.  I knew once Adalind had some time to think, really think, she’d figure it out.  Now the question remains, what will she do with Nick once she realizes that his mom is protecting her child, and what will she do regarding Renard?  Should make for some fun watching Adalind process all that.

I’m hopeful that there remain some vestiges of Adalind’s spell over Nick; a few more episodes of intense headaches and the two of them seeing through the eyes of the other could be fun, especially if it cues people in to what Adalind is up to.  More fun:  Adalind discovering that Nick is re-Grimmed, and at the hands of Renard’s own mother.  Adalind is going to need to choose a side.

Nick and Juliette were great together this episode as they showed just why they are a couple in the first place.  Nick was honest with Juliette about what he wanted, and Juliette, having already reached the decision herself, never backed down, and she did whatever was needed to help him.  I love that she told Nick that while he may be uncomfortable being intimate with her while she looked like Adalind, she was going to take full advantage of the moment.  No doubt that went a long way to easing any of Nick’s lingering concerns that Juliette was upset with him, that and her emphatically saying that she knows Nick loves her.  Aww.  I’m ready for a wedding between these two, just don’t drag it out and give us more and more silly obstacles for the couple to overcome – but they probably will.  It’s an overused trope that writers just can’t seem to let go of. 

Favorite scene in this episode, hands down, the girls arriving at the Spice Shop to protect Rosalee – hey, there – with Rosalee telling Monroe, “You’re good to go.”  That was fun and showed just how connected these people are that they will do whatever is necessary.  The men went to catch the bad guys, while the woman stayed behind on protection duty as well as kick your butt duty should any Wesen be dumb enough to come with evil in mind.  I like that it showed the men recognized just how tough and capable their women are. 

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Additional notes:

Rudyard Kipling was a Grimm:   Apparently his sword was as mighty as his pen.  LOL

Claire Coffee did her homework as she captured Juliette’s mannerisms of walking and how she fidgets with her hands.

Really, really, really hoping for Louise Lombard and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio to share some upcoming scenes together.

I’m frustrated that Wu’s suspicions are completely tabled right now, but I also recognize that at times you can only service so many stories at a given time, and besides him giving them suspicious glances, which he didn’t do this episode, there just wasn’t time for more.  I’ve read ahead, it’s coming.

Next week we get some more Grimm fun with Christmas.  They did a fun-ish Christmas episode last season, and they look to be having some macabre fun again this year.

Until next week, thanks for reading, Elle2

(Screencaps courtesy of NBC)

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