This week’s episode was entirely mythology based, and relationally based; not a case of the week to be seen or heard.  As such, no Sergeant Wu, for he clearly is representative of the procedural side of this show.  And Hank only had a brief opening scene as he is a bridge for Nick’s detective life to his Grimm life.  I like that they discussed his being Monroe’s best man as if it was a dangerous undercover police situation.  That led to Nick – and us – finally discovering just what it is the Wesen world sees when they discover Nick is a Grimm.  Looking forward to the wedding with Nick in sunglasses; Rosalee (the beautiful Rosalee) in her grandmother’s wedding gown, uh, not so much.  I like that Rosalee will wear something that honors her grandmother – and thus her family, however, the gown is more than slightly homely.  Oh, well, Rosalee is not, so with a veil, her hair done right and some flowers, it will be lovely.

Kelly Burkhardt is back – and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio is better than ever as the hardened and world-weary momma Grimm.  Her scenes with Adalind as well as with Nick were fantastic…and the actors around her upped their game as well.  I’ve always liked David Giuntoli but felt him a bit weak in the role – in Season 1 especially.  But, the actor has grown in skill and confidence and it showed here as he went toe to toe with his mom illuminating the difference between being a Grimm of the old school and being a Grimm of, well, the new school.  Yes, the Wesen Council is right to keep their eye on him; he is a different kind of Grimm. 

Nothing showed that better than the final scene between him and Kelly as they discussed how they were going to tackle getting Adalind and the baby away from Renard.  Kelly was all straight up, I’ll go Grimm on you while Nick was more, let’s reason our way through this.  I loved their talk in the car as they discussed who Renard was and how Nick knew him.  It was great to hear him voice his doubts about Renard – and his outright distrust of the man, despite how Renard has protected Nick, against the Royals, against internal affairs, the press.  Of course, everything Renard does has a secondary motivation, for he’s not only protecting Nick, but himself.

So, does next week’s episode finally turn all that on its head?  Do Nick and Renard have a full blown coming apart at the seams of their currently easy alliance?  The promos would have us believe that, but I rarely trust promos.  Remember, it was Fusco that CBS was pointing us to as the likely to die hero on Person of Interest – but it was Carter who actually did die.  I wasn’t fooled then because I knew Taraji wanted to leave for cinema.  Here, I have no idea because I don’t know if a broken alliance would cause any character to leave – and thus the actor.  I also don’t think Grimm quite that brave – or the stakes quite as high as Person of Interest.  But, I do like that it was revealed that Nick is more hardened than he appears, as well as good at keeping that mistrust to himself.  I also liked that they talked about the Key!  This key that was so important in the first two seasons has not had one mention this entire Season 3.  Glad to hear it discussed.  Loved Kelly’s somewhat sarcastic:  Did you get it back?   To which Nick replied that yes, he did, and yes, it is safe.

And what of Adalind?  She is a character I have never liked, nor do I think we were supposed to like, but now they’ve made her a mom, and what a mom she is.  At first, upon learning she was pregnant, she sold her baby for her powers; thus I still didn’t like her.  But, now having had the baby – as yet unnamed, it appears that motherhood has done wonders for her.  She clearly has no intention of allowing her baby to be taken from her and will go to any effort to protect it.  Kelly was right:  she does sound like a mother.  It has softened her, made her more sympathetic, and despite being a Hexenbiest with her powers intact, she is clearly wary of Nick and not certain that she can keep her baby and herself safe in his presence.


I like that the writers chose to have Adalind and Kelly interact as they did on the plane.  Those scenes were at times funny to poignant – especially as Kelly deflected the question on whether she had children, instead assigning that to her sister.  That led to the wonderful flashback with Gloria Votsis playing the young Kelly Burkhardt.  Ms. Votsis clearly paid attention to earlier moments that Ms. Mastrantonio brought to life for her voice inflection and cadence as well as the use of her eyes and facial expressions mirrored what we’ve seen of the present day Kelly.  Well done casting department and to both actresses!

It was a heavy episode with lots of twists and turns that we the viewers knew but had the fun of watching the characters learn.  I’m wondering if we’ll see Adalind learn that her savior is the one who killed her mother.  That will surely make things even more interesting in Portland.

We’ve got five episodes left this season, and one more hiatus after next week’s episode.  It’s all coming together with Adalind back in Portland and the Royals on their way; should be a great final set of episodes and then the long wait until fall.  As usual I’m torn this time of year; love that winter is finally ebbing away and long days, sunshine and warmth are soon to be upon us, but then again, I’ll miss my Friday nights with Grimm.

Until next week, thanks for reading, Elle2

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