The Wesen Council issue a warning, and a death sentence, an efficient and deadly bounty hunter goes about his business, a very powerful, newly-minted Hexenbiest takes her first faltering steps, and Viktor and Adalind return to Portland consumed with finding Diana; it was a busy and engaging episode of Grimm.  Oh, yeah, and Rosalee and Monroe returned from their honeymoon:  That didn’t take long.

While it is unclear why the Wesen Council would issue a death sentence on Nick simply saying he had interfered a few times too many, and brings to mind a question regarding Rosalee and Monroe’s marriage — wouldn’t the Council have a severe issue with this? – it was a great catalyst to moving Juliette into realizing that being a Hexenbiest is perhaps the better choice than fighting it.  As I said in my last review, she and Nick now are on very even emotional footing as both have had great burdens thrust upon them, and have to learn to live with their new powers and all that it brings. 


Still, Juliette’s unwillingness to tell Nick what has happened does show a great weakness in their relationship.  Sure, a Grimm and a Hexenbiest are natural enemies; however, Juliette became one by helping him.  Does she really believe he would kill her for something that she had no control over?  I don’t think so.  Nick has shown a propensity to befriend Wesen of all walks, and Juliette’s abilities, once harnessed, would make them a very powerful team against the evil that relentlessly stalks them.  She’ll get to it, I know.  It’s just frustrating.  At least Nick is showing in small ways that he is aware something is going on.  There was a beat last week when Rosalee asked Juliette about her headaches as well as this week, after the pepper mill incident, he clearly recognized things are not all as they seem.

It appears this new Juliette is going to stick around, so I’m interested to see how it proceeds.  With Adalind’s return to Portland – and next week’s previews – it’s clear this storyline is getting some significant play, which is good.  Juliette needs a good mentor, and I like Henrietta’s character, so hopefully she’ll educate Juliette on being a Hexenbiest.  Better yet, get Louise Lombard to return and help Juliette a bit.  That would be excellent!

Wu is quite the student.  Once again, he steals the scenes he’s in, and the writers are making it clear that he is an accepted part of the Hank and Nick police team as he comes along on witness interviews as well as chats with Monroe and Rosalee.  Wu not only provides humorous moments, but he also is providing valuable pieces of information.  He’s a fast study, and clearly has a well-honed memory for details not only of Wesen but of past cases.  I enjoyed the little moment in the Captain’s office when Nick brought up the Wesen Council and Hank commented, upon Wu’s confusion, that not everything is in the books.  Good on Nick, though, for broadening his thinking and latching onto the Council as a possible motive behind the murders; a good, and correct, hypothesis.


Renard continues his mysterious ways as he brings in a confidante to seek out Kelly Burkhardt, but keeps that information to himself.  On the other hand, Nick likely has not told Renard he has a tenuous method for contacting his mother, so they’re even on keeping little secrets.  Renard dances around Adalind and Viktor, dances around Nick and the team, and even dances around secrets he shares with Juliette.  That’s quite a lot of dancing.  Once day, he’s going to take a misstep.  Oh, and what’s going on with hallucinations of last week?  They were not even mentioned this week, which was a bit of a drop on the part of the writers – of time ran over and that moment hit the editing room floor.  Yeah, I’ll go with that.

Marechaussee was a good way to continue to show Wu’s integration with the Wesen world as well as further Juliette’s journey as a Hexenbiest.  With Adalind back in Portland sooner rather than later we’re going to see more of the fallout from Adalind’s actions.  I hope that she’s going to find out that her actions created a Hexenbiest far more powerful than ever seen before.  There are always side effects, and sometimes those side effects just might come back to haunt the one who brought them about in the first place.  No offense to Claire Coffee, who I enjoy in the role, but I dearly hope Adalind gets her butt kicked badly by Juliette!

Until next time, thanks for reading, Elle2

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