Today in Variety, an article was published revealing that E! and The CW were close to naming successors to their departing presidents.  As someone who covers a few CW shows, including one in particular,  I found this comment particularly interesting:


It’s not immediately clear who is the leading candidate for the gig, but what is clear is that the exec will be announced sooner rather than later — well before the CW’s upfront on May 19 — in order to give the person a chance to have a hand in selecting this year’s pilot orders and to work with Ostroff on other transitional issues.


I’ve been spending a lot of time lately on Twitter and our sister site, The Winchester Family Business, assuring worried CW fans that their favorite shows aren’t in jeopardy and there is something likely behind the scenes preventing the early renewal announcements that traditionally happen every February.  Many have been worried though, not just about their favorite shows, but about the network itself returning.    


It was leaked back in December by that Dawn Ostroff was planning to leave her post of President of The CW at the end of the season.  One theory was the delay in announcements had something to do with the change in leadership.  Now Variety has all but confirmed that to be the case.  


So, sit tight CW viewers and breathe a little easier.  Your shows are okay.  Let’s hope this unnamed successor won’t wait too long after taking the post to deliver the good news of early renewals and also find the right pilots to blend perfectly with these established programs.  If not, then this person will find out the hard way what it’s like to experience the wrath of nervous fandoms!  

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