Recently CNN posted an article talking about this current trend toward TV shows embracing post apocalyptic stories.  “Falling Skies,” “The Walking Dead,” and “Revolution” are specifically mentioned.  Toward the end of the article there are several comments from Eric Kripke explaining the premise of “Revolution.”  It’s quite interesting.  He again has Joseph Campbell’s “A Hero’s Journey” in mind, which was often his inspiration for his show “Supernatural.” 

Here’s an excerpt from that article of Kripke’s comments:


“Revolution’s” creator, Eric Kripke (“Supernatural”), hopes to explore that joy or at least have more fun with it.

“The apocalypse kind of bums me out,” he admitted in a meeting with J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions when the series was being developed.

Kripke wanted to do a show based around the elements of Joseph Campbell’s “hero’s journey,” which were perhaps best exemplified in “Star Wars.” The Abrams team was looking at a series that began with the cataclysmic scenario of that loss of electricity and technology.

Instead of dealing with the immediate consequences of that event, “Revolution” flashes forward 15 years later.

“That is an interesting world,” Kripke said. “It transforms into a kingdom with good warriors and bad warriors. That’s a world that’s gone back to swords. It’s about people living in a world that nature has reclaimed.”

Kripke can see the current mood being reflected in series in a post-apocalyptic vein.

“There’s something in the collective zeitgeist that people feel we’re headed towards a cliff,” he said.

“The population is massive, we’re separated from our food supply, we’re eventually going to run out of oil, and there’s international tensions. People feel like we’re really out of balance and due to be knocked down a peg by war or disease or something.”

Kripke wanted to explore the story on the “other end” of that.

“We’re not interested in nihilism or hopelessness. We’ll all survive and be OK if we remember the things that bring us together: family, brotherhood and mercy.”

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