I just love it when someone puts together statistics like this.  Josef Adalian and Marisa Woocher at Vulture published a really interesting study, and cool color chart, ranking returning TV shows for the 2012-2013 season by percentage change in the 18-49 demo.  I was more than thrilled to see my beloved Supernatural topping the chart!  Of course the show was moved from the dead zone of Friday nights to Wednesday, thus assuring some sort of gain, but 22% is quite impressive given the declines with all the other shows.  

This study surprisingly includes DVR +7 gains, which is interesting since so many don’t think that the number is relevant to advertisers.
Only 12 shows improved, 7 shows stayed the same and all the rest declined.  Here’s the chart for your viewing pleasure.  The original article can be found here.  BTW, a major frowny face though for Adalian and Woocher not mentioning the best gainer’s names, especially Supernatural.  They didn’t even take time to mention the worst either, although Touch is no surprise.  


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